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Where can Business Administration take me? [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 10, 2018

Post updated 4/19/2019

Are you interested in enrolling in a Business Administration program, but aren’t sure what you can do with your new skills once you graduate? Business is an open-ended field, with so many possibilities for your career path that it can be confusing to know where you can start (or take a step up) in your career. Let’s review those options so you can get a clearer idea of what you can do with business admin training.

Check out our infographic, or click an option below to jump to the section that’s most applicable to what you’re looking to achieve:

Where Can Business Administration Take Me? Infographic

Business Administration Training to Launch Your Career

If you’re looking to train in business to get the skills needed to qualify for entry-level roles as an admin assistant, office clerk or secretary, a Business Administration program may be the perfect fit.

Many programs offer coursework that covers the fundamentals of business. You learn about marketing, HR, accounting, business communication and even management principles. Understanding how a successful business runs in each of these areas is important to the role you could one day have in an office.

In addition to those courses, you will take many others to form a solid understanding of Microsoft Excel and other necessary software such as word processing and email. Good computer skills are a must to be a successful admin assistant in today’s high-tech world.

Read about two SJVC Business Administration graduates and what their career goals are:

Business Skills to Take a Step Up in Your Career

Do you currently work as an hourly employee for an industrial, office or retail business? Are you interested in taking a step up to work as a team leader or manager for your current employer? Completing a Business Administration program can show your boss that you’re serious about taking the next step, and there are flexible programs both on-campus and online that can help you get to the next level while keeping your current work schedule.

Business Administration programs often include training in HR, customer service, management, and business law and ethics. If you want to take the next step to work as a team leader for your current company, learning the skills to be an effective, motivational leader are critical to your success. That’s exactly what you can learn in a management course.

If a step up in your current company means more time working with customers, then you’ll find the customer service class in your business program to be beneficial. This course helps you learn critical interpersonal skills to improve customer service, what you can do to build customer loyalty and how to problem solve to address customer issues effectively.

Read more about what you can learn in a Business Administration program.

Business Training to Help You More Effectively Run Your Own Business

Are you a business owner or hope to be one day? Do you run a retail or home-based business, or are planning to start your own business? Enrolling in a Business Administration program can help set the foundation for your success. Your passion is likely what your business is (or will be) built around – food, handmade goods or maybe even childcare services. Providing a great product or service is only part of running a successful business: It’s also important to know how to market your goods or services, handle the accounting side of your business, and understand the best customer service strategies. That’s where a Business Administration program can come in.

How do I start my business training?

To begin your training, you can enroll in SJVC’s Business Administration program. Students can earn a Certificate of Completion in approximately 8 months. Give us a call at (866) 544-7898 or request information to get started.

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