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Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

Find your path with our certificate and associate degree programs.

We Know You Have
What it Takes

That’s why we’re here to help you reach your full potential. SJVC offers certificate and associate degree programs that can prepare you for a diverse range of professional careers.

It can be hard to know which one is right for you. The best way to find out is to come in and speak with an Enrollment Services Representative. They will help match your skills and passions with the program that interests you most. You can also talk with them about what types of opportunities may be available to you once you earn your certificate or associate degree.

SJVC offered an opportunity to complete all the classes I needed, including general education credits – and give me a head start of training in a career I could work in. The programs have the classes laid out for you, so you know what to expect. And there are all of the supportive services if you need it.
Elizabeth Beebee
I never thought teeth were interesting; but it turns out they’re very interesting. I personally love the dental field. There is great opportunity for growth in my field; but, honestly, any field you go through at SJVC is like that. It isn’t just my program.
Rebecca V.T.
2021 Dental Assisting Graduate
Here at SJVC, everyone is willing to help one another out. Once you become part of this school, you become a part of a family. The staff here have always been supportive since the start. They make sure that you are prepared before actually sending you on to the real world. I am hoping the rest of the students and also any future students that will attend here will enjoy this experience just as I have.
Jamie B.
2019 Clinical Medical Assisting Graduate
Before coming to SJVC, I was at the end of the road, or so I thought. I had no hope for my future, no plans for a career, much less for success.Today I am a more confident, motivated individual who chooses to make a change for a brighter future, for me as well as for my children; and be a positive role model for those who, like me, once felt there was nothing more.
Araceli C.
2015 Medical Office Administration Graduate
They give you all this hands-on experience. We would interact with other medical career programs, so you get a broader understanding of other medical industry positions.
KarlLesia C.
2014 Pharmacy Technology Graduate

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