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General Education Courses and Training

Get ahead on your Gen Ed.
Bypass the waitlist with
FastTrack Pathway

Do you need to complete coursework before starting a degree program at SJVC or elsewhere?* Then our FastTrack Pathway is for you!

FastTrack Pathway is a series of general education courses and training to help students meet prerequisite requirements for other programs ─ and bypass the waitlists for general education courses found at other schools. Enroll now! Our team of education pros are standing by with an easy-entry plan setup with you in mind. The instructor-led courses are offered frequently, and delivered using an approach to engage students and encourage interaction and participation. We’ll get you in, out, and on your way toward your degree.

Bypass the Waitlist!

FastTrack your General Education by taking your prerequisites at SJVC College

Prerequisite Courses Overview Section

Science Emphasis General Education Courses

CHE 3: General Chemistry

CHE 4: Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

BIOL 10: Human Anatomy

BIOL 14: Microbiology

BIOL 45: Human Physiology

Upcoming 10-Week Science Prereq Course Schedules
How to Enroll in Fasttrack Pathway

Location: Ontario – Session: 04/01/24 – 06/09/24

BIOL 10 – Human Anatomy | 4 units
BIOL 14 – Microbiology | 4 Units
BIOL 45 – Human Physiology | 5 Units
CHE 3 – General Chemistry | 4 units

Location: Rancho Mirage – Session: 04/01/24 – 06/09/24

BIOL 14 – Microbiology | 4 Units
BIOL 45 – Human Physiology | 5 Units
CHE 3 – General Chemistry | 4 units

Location: Visalia – Session: 03/19/24 – 05/26/24

BIOL 10 – Human Anatomy | 4 Units
CHE 3 – General Chemistry | 4 Units
CHE 4 – Intro to Organic and Biochemistry | 4 units

Non-Science Emphasis General Education Courses

ENG 121: Composition and Reading – Part A

ENG 122: Composition and Reading – Part B

MTH 121: College Algebra – Part A

MTH 122: College Algebra – Part B

NSC 1: Introduction to the Natural Sciences

PHIL 1C: Ethics

PSY 1: General Psychology

SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology

SPC 1A: Introduction to Public Speaking

Non-Science Course Schedules

Non-science courses are five weeks in length and are offered as standalone courses through the Online division. Please contact the Admissions office to inquire about courses and schedules at 855-667-9557.

How to Enroll in FastTrack Pathway

The first step is to request information about our prerequisite courses. An admissions representative will reach out to you soon to discuss your options.

SJVC has 17 locations across California. If we don’t have a campus location that’s convenient for you, explore our online programs.

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