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Host an SJVC Extern

Host an Extern

SJVC recognizes that classroom training coupled with real-world experience is the best approach to prepare soon-to-be graduates for their new careers. As part of that process, SJVC requires students from many of its programs to complete externships in their chosen career field.

On the job training as an extern.

What is an Externship?

An externship is an experiential learning opportunity that allows students to practice the skills they have learned in a professional environment.

Externships give students the chance to develop their individual potential and confidence thus easing the transition from the classroom to career.

What is expected of the student?

Students function in an entry-level capacity and job duties will vary. Students are expected to be professional, punctual, well-groomed and helpful. They are instructed to ask questions, look for work to be done and to expect guidance and constructive criticism from their supervisors.

Student externs wear their school uniform (scrub top and scrub pants) while in extern rotation. Externs are also required to wear a nametag issued by San Joaquin Valley College.

What is expected of the extern facility?

The volunteer facility agrees to provide training for the established number of hours, provide supervision, and evaluate the student’s performance at midpoint and completion of the externship. Extern facilities are provided with a copy of a performance evaluation prior to the start of a student rotation. The evaluation lists the clinical and professional skills on which the student will be assessed at the end of externship. Extern sites are asked to allow the student to perform as many duties as possible.

All SJVC externs have full insurance coverage and no compensation by the training facility is required.

Feedback from the volunteer clinical site is critical to a successful extern experience. The facility should contact the extern coordinator immediately if problems occur during the student’s rotation. SJVC does not expect the facility to deal with any disciplinary action related to the extern.

About SJVC

San Joaquin Valley College is an accredited private junior college that provides accelerated, career-focused curriculum and instruction to its students. SJVC has prepared more than 60,000 graduates for success in their chosen medical, business and technical career fields.

The College was founded in 1977 and has grown from one campus in central California to 15 campuses located throughout the state. SJVC also has an online division that helps students across the U.S. prepare for a new career.

Thank You to our Extern Hosts!

SJVC prepares students for their new careers with the help of local businesses like yours. We would like to thank each organization that acts as a volunteer site for our extern program and appreciate your willingness to provide a professional venue for our students to learn and grow. Through your participation, our students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences that serve to build self-esteem and develop individual potential.

Interested in hosting an SJVC extern?

Thank you for your interest in helping SJVC students get real-world experience. Please contact us to learn more about our externship program.

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