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This Little Light Of Mine

January 15, 2013

SJVC Business Administration Student Lashonna Sutton and FamilyLashonna Sutton knows she has a big light to shine on the world by helping others to see the light within themselves. But she knew she, first, had to have all the business structure in place in order to sustain her life coach dreams.

As a new Business Administration program student on the Fresno campus, Shonna is learning how to support the feeling and services part of her business, “Chosen with Purpose”, with the framework of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Business Plan and Professional Development.

“Without this program I would never have known all of this and how to deal with even the legal issues of hiring people and running a business,” says Shonna.

Lashonna came to SJVC after her military service with the US Air Force ended in 2002 and various jobs led her back to California. It wasn’t long before she recognized the advantage of earning a degree in business and the opportunity her veteran’s status gave her to obtain it. She wasted no time in putting her options into action and is well on her way toward that end.

Lashonna’s self-employment goals are to steer her current business in a way that reaches more people who need direction in life, to inspire others to live their dreams and write a few books along the way. She hopes to have her current book, “Masterpiece” ready for publication in the next year or two.

In it she motivates others to “recognize their unique gifts and look at each setback as an opportunity to grow, to go out there and do something that fulfills their dreams,” she says.

Shonna balances classes and homework with her business’s motivational speaking engagements, while she also devotes herself to her family, which includes her supportive husband, Dennis, and young children Elijah and Alicia. She is always ready for the next step in her own evolution and will go, as she says, “however the Lord moves me.”

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