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Program Information

The Physician Assistant (PA) program at San Joaquin Valley College will close in the Fall of 2015, after its last cohort of students completes the program. SJVC will continue to meet all of the educational standards of the PA programmatic accrediting body (ARC-PA) for its current students. The College is not enrolling any future cohorts of students for its PA program.

Individuals interested in applying to a Physician Assistant program are encouraged to visit to research accredited institutions.

Specific information on the status of the SJVC PA program is available under the Accreditation & Approvals information below.

PANCE Pass Rate Information

Review SJVC’s Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) Performance Summary Reports below. You can also download the 2014 First Time Taker and Five Year First Time Taker reports.

2014 First Time Taker Report

Class Class Graduation Year Group Number of Candidates Who Took PANCE Number of Exam Attempts Number of Exams Passed Program Exam Pass Rate National Exam Pass Rate for the Class Graduation Year % of Candidates Who Ultimately Passed PANCE
Class of 2014 2014 All Takers 22 22 18 82% 92% 82%
Class of 2014 2014 First Time Takers 22 22 18 82% 95% 82%

Five Year First Time Taker Report

Class Class Graduation Year Number of First Time Takers Program First Time Taker Pass Rate National First Time Taker Pass Rate for the Class Graduation Year
Class of 2014 2014 22 82% 95%
Class of 2013 2013 22 82% 94%
Class of 2012 2012 21 71% 93%
Class of 2011 2011 19 95% 91%
Class of 2010 2010 20 95% 94%

Five Year First Time Take Average Pass Rate for Program: 85%
Five Year National First Time Take Average: 94%

Accreditation and Approvals

At its March 2014 meeting, the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) placed the San Joaquin Valley College Physician Assistant program sponsored by San Joaquin Valley College on Accreditation-Probation status until no later than September 30, 2015, at which time the sponsoring institution will voluntarily withdraw from the accreditation process.

The institution and program have agreed to teach-out the currently enrolled students in accordance and compliance with the educational Standards for accredited programs. Should the program not comply with the Standards, thereby failing to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students, it is subject to having the accreditation status withdrawn.

Specific questions regarding the program and its plans should be directed to the Program Director and/or the appropriate institutional official(s).

Accreditation – Probation is a temporary status of accreditation conferred when a program does not meet the Standards and when the capability of the program to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students is threatened. Once placed on probation, programs that still fail to comply with accreditation requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and/or risk having their accreditation withdrawn.

Institutional Accreditation

San Joaquin Valley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 10 Commercial Blvd., Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at

State Approvals

SJVC is a private institution and is approved to operate as an accredited institution by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Approval to operate means that SJVC has been found in compliance with the standards set forth in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10, Part 59, Chapter 8) and Title 5, Division 7.5 – Private Postsecondary Education of the California Code of Regulations.

Any questions that a student may have regarding the college catalog and/or catalog supplement that have not been satisfactorily answered by the institution may be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at:

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 980818
West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818

Physical Address
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833

Telephone Numbers
Toll free (888) 370-7589
(916) 431-6959

Fax Number
(916) 263-1897


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