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Two SJVC Online students join prestigious Honor Society

November 18, 2016

online-students-in-nthsConstruction Management student Ulisses Sanchez and Medical Billing and Coding student Sheneka Brassfield want to make the most of every advantage available to them when they enter their new career fields. Both Online students recognized that membership in the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) would provide them with many career and job search plusses.

“There are lots of benefits and no downside,” says Ulisses, who has already used the NTHS website to explore scholarship opportunities. “I want to see if I can get scholarships to help pay for school – both at SJVC and going forward in my education.”

Students are invited to join NTHS if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Successful completion of 30 units of credit
  2. Maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA
  3. 85% attendance

“These are the first two students enrolled into our new Online chapter,” says Summer Alvarez, Student Advisor. “It is an amazing accomplishment to be among the first set of students inducted to the chapter, among 600 Online campus students. We expect many new members to join the society.”

Meeting NTHS membership criteria takes hard work and discipline, which are common traits of SJVC Online students who often work full-time. “I have been on the Dean’s List since starting school,” says Sheneka, “so I figured this (membership) would be a great star on my portfolio for when I do apply for positions in the medical field.”

“NTHS benefits students by giving them exclusive access to scholarship opportunities, job boards, and recognizing them for their academic accomplishments,” says Summer. “Students can display this recognition on their resumes, which will help set them apart from other candidates during their job search.”

Honor society membership also carries deep personal satisfaction for those students who have worked so hard in their programs to qualify for membership. “When I got the certificate, certified seal and pin in the mail I cried, ‘I did it!,’” says Sheneka. “I am the parent of two incredible kids, and I try to lead by example.”

National Technical Honor Society membership has some very practical applications to successfully entering a new career field. “Their website gives you good employment resources,” says Ulisses. “And membership looks good on your resume and job applications.”

If Ulisses and Sheneka choose to participate in an SJVC ground-campus graduation ceremony, they will wear special tassels that signify their NTHS membership. It makes their walk across the stage just a little prouder for each of them.

Both Ulisses and Sheneka started their Online programs determined to do well. NTHS membership was a natural step to take to make the most of their educational accomplishments.

“The last sentence at the top of the NTHS pledge says Success favors the prepared mind,” says Sheneka. Both Ulisses and Sheneka are leaving little to chance, and giving their all to preparation for the future.