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TOMCATS Galore for SJVC Veterinary Technology Students at TOGETHER SPAY IT FORWARD EVENT

January 18, 2024

It was “TOMCAT DAY” at the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center last fall 2023 when TOGETHER SPAY IT FORWARD – a non-profit organization whose mission is to “help fix the local problems of non-spayed & neutered dogs & cats” – held a special event. They reached their goal between 8am and 2pm and neutered 102 male cats in one day. Twenty Veterinary Technology students from San Joaquin Valley College’s Veterinary Technology program assisted two doctors for the event.

The day was designed to address a crisis in the overpopulation of cats in the Bakersfield community. The experience was a win/win for cats, SJVC Veterinary Technology students, and the city of Bakersfield which has been battling the overpopulation of cats and the resulting spread of disease to other animals in the community.

Most of the twenty Veterinary Technology students who participated were in the early months of their programs and were given the opportunity to witness surgery for the first time. Aside from observing the vets at work, they assisted in vaccinations, microchipping helped with paperwork, and held pets while waiting their turn with the veterinarian or while the cats recovered from anesthesia.  The students returned from the day saying they couldn’t wait for surgery class to begin, said Traci Childers, Faculty member of the Veterinary Technology program at the Bakersfield campus.

TOGETHER SPAY IT FORWARD is a non-profit organization founded by retired nurse Susie Jones, who made it her mission to help reduce the population of stray animals and the spread of related diseases. She has worked together very successfully with SJVC’s Veterinary Technology program for the last three years, giving veterinary students hands-on experience with animals and observing the procedures they will eventually be involved with as graduates of the program. Last September’s event was so successful, in the same spirit of love for animals, helping others, and having fun, they hope to organize similar events for the future!  Check out the TOGETHER SPAY IT FOWARD Facebook page to view upcoming events.

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