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SkyWest Airlines Donates Aircraft to SJVC as an Investment in the Next Generation of Aviation Mechanics

December 15, 2022

In 2021 we announced the relaunch of SkyWest’s AMT Pathway Program, which offers students in SJVC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their career while enrolled at SJVC. Less than a year later, we announced that students in the AMT Pathway Program were eligible for up to $7,600 in educational assistance and reimbursements[1]. Today we are honored to share with you that SkyWest Airlines has donated a retired passenger aircraft to SJVC, the CRJ200 Bombardier, to provide students with an enhanced experience as they learn and hone their skills working on the same type of aircraft they will work on once they complete their training program.


“The plane we’re getting today is a relatively modern commercial airliner,” said Mike Dodt, Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Director at SJVC Fresno TEC. “A lot of the students we have come out of here go directly to airlines, and this is going to give them the opportunity to know what they’re doing on these aircraft before they ever get to their first job.”


The SkyWest AMT Pathway Program provides a number of benefits for aspiring aircraft mechanics at SJVC. By partnering with SkyWest, SJVC students can receive mentorship and may have the opportunity to participate in events like maintenance base visits, job shadowing, and more. They are also eligible for:


  • Up to $4,500 in education assistance1
  • Up to $1,600 in A&P test fee reimbursements1
  • Up to $1,500 in moving expense reimbursements, plus milage1
  • Guaranteed final interview to become an A&P mechanic at SkyWest
  • Enhanced company seniority for things like health insurance, profit-sharing programs and travel


“We’re excited about our partnership with SJVC and the chance to help AMT students get started with their career,” said Eli Mayes, Director of SkyWest Maintenance. “Plus, the addition of financial support as part of the SkyWest AMT Pathway Program makes it even easier for more students to pursue a career as an aircraft mechanic.”


To be eligible for the pathway program candidates must be enrolled in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at SJVC and in good standing. Unlike an internship, the AMT Pathway Program allows students to remain at SJVC to complete training until they are able to gain their A&P license.


Check out the video below to learn more about the aircraft and SJVC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program.



[1] Up to $4,500 in education assistance, $1,500 in moving expense reimbursement plus mileage and $1,600 in A&P test fee reimbursement with a three-year commitment to SkyWest after completing initial probation.

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