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SJVC Shout Outs: Faculty & Staff

July 24, 2015

We are so delighted to feature our latest round of SJVC Shout Outs! We’re definitely lucky to have these great people in the SJVC family as instructors and staff.

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted a shout out.

Amanda Ragadio shout outAmanda Ragadio, Medical Assisting Instructor, Madera Campus

“Amanda Ragadio has made a big impact on our campus. She has taught and inspired many women on our campus that we can do anything if we put our mind to it. Mrs. Ragadio was a single mother with no family going to school and battling cancer – if that doesn’t inspire someone to keep pushing forward I don’t know what will. As a student at SJVC, Mrs. Ragadio has taught me that no excuse is good enough to keep me from my goal. I am truly blessed to have Mrs. Ragadio as an instructor.” -Cathy Hernandez, student

Corinna Avina shout outCorinna Avina, Medical Assisting Instructor, Hanford Campus

“During my time at SJVC, I have learned so much about my job and what to expect out in the field as a Medical Assistant. I have learned so much from all my instructors, but I have to say that Mrs. Avina has stood out the most to me. She has even been a role model as to what kind of Medical Assistant I want to be. Her passion for her job shows in her teaching. There is never a dull moment in her class. I just want her to know, that she is an excellent teacher and I am honored to have her as one of my instructors.” -Cinthya Rodriguez, student

Staci Porter shout outStaci Porter, Medical Office Instructor, Hesperia Campus

“I think Mrs. Porter should be nominated because she is an awesome teacher. Our medical office administration program is small and we have all grown to love and adore Mrs. Porter. She works us hard but it’s all with good intentions and we always come out on top. She is always ready to go with a smile and I am truly blessed to have had her as an instructor.” -Michelle Garman, student


Cecilia Avalos shout outCecilia Avalos, Medical Assisting Instructor, Visalia Campus

“She is one of the greatest instructors I have ever met. She is a very knowledgeable instructor. She has helped me through my program since I started. She makes sure that if a student asks for help, she gives it to them.” -Maria Casiano, student



Virgina Harris shout outVirginia Harris, Medical Office Instructor, Lancaster Campus

“Ms. Harris is an outstanding teacher! She is always prepared, organized and ready for class. Ms. Harris pushes us to be more professional, to be better students and better people. Ms. Harris always takes the time to make sure we understand the material and that we are completely prepared for our future careers. She is overall one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her work ethic is impeccable; I strive to mirror her ethics and conduct.” -Renee Nadeau, student

Kerrie Liles shout outKerrie Liles, Dean of Student Services, Visalia Campus

“Kerrie Liles is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. Her motivation seems to be her dedication to the students here at the Visalia campus. I have never known her to be ‘too busy’ or ‘unavailable’ for a student. On more nights than not, she is here burning the late night oil handling her responsibilities and going the extra mile and a half for her students. The commitment she has to her students’ success shines through in every action and decision she makes. On top of everything else…the students all like her and I think they can sense that her interest in their success is genuine. She is one of a kind.” -Connie Stowell, friend and colleague