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Rancho Cucamonga Gives Blood and Saves Lives

July 9, 2013

SJVC Rancho Cucamonga Blood Drive Potentially 87 lives were saved by SJVC students and faculty through SJVC Rancho Cucamonga’s semiannual, campus-wide blood drive this past June!

The blood drive supported the local community hospitals and contributed to the blood supply of those institutions.

When the Red Cross Blood Mobile arrived on campus, students were excited to be involved with something so important and many were willing to wait nearly an hour to donate blood.

Testifying to the success of this blood drive is SJVC Rancho Cucamonga’s Division Manager, Davina Cary.

“We collected a total of 29 units of blood… that is enough blood to potentially save 87 lives!” says Davina.

To increase participation and to thank students for their generous donation, each student was given a set of tickets to a Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game.

The success of this drive is spurring the staff and students on to the next drive, scheduled to take place in six months, bringing more opportunities to save lives and impact the local community.

Great work, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga!