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Pursuit of destiny in the wake of a tragedy

June 25, 2013

Administrative Health Care Management Student Suzy Alva“Just put your feet up to the edge, put your face in the wind and when you fall back down, keep remembering… Every storm runs out of rain.” –Gary Allen, Country Singer/Songwriter

Growing up in El Paso, Texas Suzana Alva is a dedicated fan of country music. Life has presented Suzana with various challenges. Her fortitude has remained strong in the difficult times with her constant determination and encouragement from her favorite true blue lyrics. “Every Storm” by Gary Allen is her current favorite,

“It really motivates me… I can really relate to it,” says Suzana about the country hit.

Residing in Lancaster and working part time as an accounting clerk Suzy was anxious to begin her journey towards her longstanding dream,

“I wanted to study Kinesiology. Because I had 6 surgeries on my knee in high school; I feel that PT is important. It’s not only a physical thing, but a mental and emotional thing as well.”

As she began to develop a plan to achieve her long term goal of studying Kinesiology at Cal State Northridge, Suzy found her way to SJVC. Deciding to “start somewhere” Suzy enrolled in the Administrative Healthcare Management (AHCM) Program at SJVC Lancaster in December of 2012

Just as Suzy enrolled she received heart breaking news from home. Her sister had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Without a second thought Suzy put her dream on hold, packed her bags, and made the journey back to El Paso to help her parents care for her sister. Sadly, Suzy’s sister passed away in March 2013. Following the passing of her sister Suzy says,

“I took a month off, but then I told myself, ‘life has to continue and I need to pursue my education’.”

A time where most people would be discouraged, Suzy persevered. Suzy resumed her education with more determination and diligence than ever. Suzy’s advisor Crystal Monlina has nothing but sweet praises to sing of her,

“Susana is the type of person who when they are up against a struggle, she meets it squarely face to face. Everyday has been hard for her since her sister’s death, but she still keeps going.”

All of Suzy’s hard work through this trying time has molded her into the hard worker she is today. This new perspective has given Suzy an assurance of her future. She says,

“In my heart I know this is what I was brought here on Earth to do; help people with these problems- not only mentally but physically.”

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