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Business Administration Students right at home in political office

December 9, 2013
This State Senator’s office now has two more inhabitants: SJVC B.A. students.

Business internships are wrought with fierce competition. Many individuals look to get a leg up in the business world and SJVC students act with diligence to earn their spots.

Temecula Business Administration students Vania Fune and Liya Brykova are no exception. Both students had the good luck- or good resumes more likely- to be chosen for internships with California State Senator Joel Anderson’s office.

“This is a rare opportunity,” says Melissa Cotter, General Education Instructor at Temecula.

Cotter is very excited for her students. Their jobs will not involve coffee runs and busy work, but doing the same things they would be doing in a business office environment. Among their duties will be answering phone calls, writing emails to constituents, representing the Senator at public events, and more.

The real lesson learnt from all of this is probably the most important one to be learned for business: networking. Professionalism is key, from dressing appropriately to speaking and writing formally, as well as eloquently. Political work can be a valuable mentor in helping a business student learn the ways of professional communication.

Despite working for the Senator for less than a month, Fune is already feeling the benefits of the experience.

“It has given me the confidence to work in a business-like environment,” says Vania.

The internship is a perfect accompaniment to their studies. It does not conflict with the 14 month business program, as the hours can be tailored to fit the students’ schedules, ensuring that the program stays at the forefront.

Vania and Liya are also able to choose particular areas of focus, from marketing, community events, or more, tailoring the internship precisely to their prospective career interests.

“It’s an amazing chance to learn, develop skills, and just to get yourself out there,” says Liya.

Cotter hopes that opportunities like these help students decide what they want to do with their lives after completing their program.

“When they come in and are young they don’t know exactly what to do,” says Cotter. “But when they leave, they know what they want to do.”

Besides, while a degree is very important, first-hand experience is desirable as well. This experience will undoubtedly look quite appealing in the eyes future employers. This job will only reinforce the lessons taught by SJVC.

This internship is great,” says Vania. “It provides me with experience to succeed in the business world.”


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