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On A Path To Service

January 10, 2013

Kevin Suyoto grew up in Provo SJVC Medical Assisting Student Kevin Suyoto, Utah where service to others was as much a part of his culture and environment as the red rock mountains and deep canyons. It was no surprise to his friends and family that he decided to set his sights on a career in the medical field, first as a Medical Assistant and eventually to get his Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing.

“I’ve grown up in a religion that focuses on helping others, and medicine and science have always been intriguing to me,” says Kevin. It all comes together for him in class lectures and lab sessions in his Medical Assisting program on the Temecula campus and is reflected in his 4.0 GPA.  “I like to get to class at least a half-hour early to study and do homework,” he says. “It helps me to focus better, if I’m here.”

Kevin first heard about SJVC from the college’s High School representative, who followed up on an interest card Kevin filled out after a school presentation. A visit to the campus convinced him that this was the right path to eventually work one-on-one with patients.

Things had to fall into place quickly.  Kevin only had two weeks between his high school graduation and the MA program start date. He made it happen.  Now, with almost 6-months of education and training under his belt, Kevin has a better idea of his fit for this career choice. What has intrigued him so far?  “I like the hands-on clinicals best,” he says. And, injections. “We’ve done so many on each other that I’m not afraid of them anymore.”

His favorite part of class is the big tests. “I know it’s going to sound weird, but I like exam days,” he says, “because, they are also potluck days,” a nice reward for all the students’ hard work.  The future looks very bright for Kevin who plans to work part-time as a Medical Assistant after graduation next August, while continuing his education. Right now he is grateful to have the support of his Dad to help him get to a place of self-sufficiency. Kevin seems well on his way.

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