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Modesto will use T-shirt sales bump for a big idea!

June 18, 2013

SJVC Facebook PhotoModesto’s Associate Student Body (ASB) is working on something that has never been done on any SJVC campus: A Graduate Reunion!

On a recent Senior Management visit to the campus Mike Perry, CEO, mentioned the reunion idea and sparked the interest of ASB Advisor and Gen Ed instructor, Robin McCracken. Robin took it to an ASB meeting and all 15-members were on board to make it happen.

With over 2,200 graduates during the 9-years the campus has been in business, fundraising for this event will be a critical component of its success. Everything from food sales, dress-down days and flower sales at graduation are in the works to contribute to making this reunion something very special.

It is perfect timing for Modesto to be the campus that benefits from June’s motivational T-shirt sales. For every T-shirt sold, Modesto will get $1.00.

These SJVC tees are growing more popular among students every month and sales are going great. The t-shirts, with messages of commitment, inspiration, humor and insight are showing up on dress-down days and off-campus events. School pride is strong among so many, as they strive to balance school/home/work to complete their visions of educational success.

Each month a different campus is selected to benefit from tees sold. Last month it was Hesperia’s Student Support Fund, and in July the Bakersfield campus will have a little extra money coming in to support the cause or event of their choice.

Everyone can help the Modesto campus raise money for ASB’s Graduate Reunion. Browse the selections at T-shirts can be purchased for $6.00, using Paypal or a credit card on SJVC’s Facebook page: There is no charge for shipping if you pick up your purchase at your Career Services office; otherwise it is $4.00 to send it elsewhere. SJVC is selling the T-shirts to you at cost – plus a dollar donation to a fellow campus.

And just think; if Modesto campus’s Grad Reunion is a huge success….your campus might throw one of your own!