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Modesto’s Business program launches Student Store

November 11, 2016

sjvc-modesto-business-program-launches-student-storeSJVC Modesto’s Business Administration students conducted a soft opening of their new student store on Nov. 3 to great success. “We had a line out the door of over a dozen students,” says Chris Lewis, Business Administration instructor.

A team of two Business Administration students sold items to those in line and handled the cash register during four 25-minute breaks throughout the day. Items for purchase include non-perishable food such as burritos, Hot Pockets, breakfast sandwiches, granola bars, cups of noodles, trail mix, chips and various beverages, along with SJVC T-shirts.

“As revenue increases, we will expand our products to include paper, pencils, cups, novelty items, and seasonal fruit for students and staff,” says Chris.

The new student store serves two important purposes:

  1. Working in the store will give Business Administration students hands-on experience with accounting, inventory, operating and counting out the register, as well as customer service and marketing.
  2. The store will also give students and staff a place to pick up something to eat or get an item needed for class.

“There is not much nearby for students to run and grab something to eat,” says Chris. “We do not have close proximity to a food place.”

A soft opening was scheduled before the official Grand Opening happening on Nov. 14 so that students could work out any bugs and learn to use all the equipment before the larger lines hit. “We wanted them to get familiar with using the cash register, restocking the shelves, getting the popcorn going and getting the mechanics running smoothly before there were any long lines,” says Chris.

After the Grand Opening, the student store will be open during all five breaks each day: 9:25 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:40 p.m., 5:15 p.m. and 7:40 p.m.

Feedback from students has been very positive. “They’re pretty happy about the prices,” says Chris, “and can walk out of there with something to eat and drink for under two bucks.”

Making money has never been the primary focus of the student store. Any proceeds will go toward the expansion of store equipment and shelving, as well as its inventory of snacks and school supplies. “We will try to provide whatever students and staff request,” says Chris.

Money earned will also provide educational opportunities for Business Administration program students, such as future field trips.

“So far our Business Administration students seem to enjoy it and are excited to be part of something brand new like this,” says Chris.

And, the Modesto campus will have a new food and school supply resource. Works for everybody.

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