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Looking Good…Feeling Good

March 5, 2013

TShirt Image-01The Online campus is making the most of SJVC’s new inspirational t-shirts by giving them to students who need a little lift in spirit. The motivational messages on the tees are speaking to student struggles and reminding them that their sacrifices are worth it.

“One student called us right away when she received her ‘Never Give Up!’ T-shirt to thank us and let us know that, even though she had been struggling, she was able to pass her course with a ‘B’,” says Nickie Acevedo, Administrative Assistant to the Deans. A little encouragement at just the right time can make a difference.

The T-shirts are gifted through the Online campus’s Student Support Fund, which committee members use to help students with small but pressing financial needs, or who deserve recognition, or a little reward for outstanding work. In addition to T-shirts, the Student Support Fund might help students with a gas card, bus pass, baby diapers or maybe a gift card to help purchase an outfit appropriate for a job interview.  Students on the Dean’s List might get one of the new motivational T-shirts or some other treat in recognition of their hard work.

The Online campus raises money for the Student Services Fund by having lunch sales, selling snacks and through other campus initiatives.

This new line of colorful, student-savvy tees is available for purchase for $6.00, using Paypal or a credit card on SJVC’s Facebook page:  There is no charge for shipping if you pick up your purchase at your campus Student Center; otherwise it is $4.00 for shipping it elsewhere. SJVC is selling the T-shirts at cost – plus a dollar donation to a fellow campus. You can ‘browse the racks’ at

The Online campus is the first to enjoy the proceeds from March sales and hope to replenish their Student Support Fund, which has only been in operation for a couple of months. Each month a new campus will be the beneficiary of a dollar from each T-shirt sale to use for their campus fund. And, we’re hoping the bucks add up fast.

Just know that when you buy and wear one of SJVC’s new, inspirational T-shirts, you are showing school pride and helping other students through a rough patch, at the same time. Looking good…feeling good.  Helping, celebrating each other in our global SJVC family.