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Kindergartners help Dental Assisting students practice their skills

December 8, 2014

Dental Assisting students help kindergartnersSeventy-five kindergartners at Hamilton Elementary School in Fresno got a great education about how to properly brush their teeth, while they helped 15 SJVC Dental Assisting (DA) students polish their instructional skills. Both sets of students came away with a little more experience and expertise.

DA students each took groups of 4-5 eager kindergartners, who were given demonstrations on how to properly brush their teeth.

“I told them the proper way to brush their teeth…and all of the fun and good things about going to the dentist, so they aren’t afraid,” says Courtney Gerhardt, DA Student.

The Fresno campus Dental Assisting students benefitted, as well. “This helps our students to interact with future patients, while it enhances their knowledge and communication techniques,” says Tamara McNealy, DA Program Director.

DA students usually perform these kinds of volunteer exercises during Dental Assisting Month in February, but they are always willing to go out into the community on a mission to educate – especially those fairly new to good dental health care and hygiene.

“Visiting an elementary school and interacting with children was as beneficial to me as it was to the children,” says DA student Marcela Aceves.

“The day was completed by DA instructor, Ms. Roseno, leading the group in a fun song about happy tooth brushing,” says Sandi LeCorre, DA instructor.

All SJVC students are encouraged to volunteer in their communities both to help those who need services they might provide and to increase their professional skills.

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