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San Joaquin Valley College Blog

HOSA in Hemet

July 10, 2012

Disabled and elderly patients at the Manor Care facility in Hemet enjoyed the time and attention of several Temecula medical students earlier this month when a half-dozen students volunteered a few hours as part of their HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) membership on campus.

SJVC Temecula’s HOSA student-members are committed to lending a helping-hand in their communities in preparation for a career in the service of others. Volunteerism is a primary part of HOSA membership and students regularly contribute their time and support to groups, facilities, causes and agencies that benefit those in need.

Students were enthusiastic as they engaged Manor Care patients in activities such as singing, coloring and Bingo; and residents were also treated to a violin performance by Anne Balsar, SJVC student and HOSA member. A ‘thank-you’ card students received from Bonny, one of the Manor Care patients, said it all: “Smiling faces are always welcome here. You took your time to spend time with me. That touches my heart.”

Students found that the time spent with these elderly or incapacitated patients was very rewarding and hope to visit the facility again soon and with a new plan for activities and prizes. “It felt really good to bring so many smiles, just from us being there and dedicating our time to them (patients),” says one of the student volunteers.