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Hesperia Enactus Club recognizes student moms on campus

May 15, 2015
Mother's Day Enactus Club Hesperia
Members of Hesperia’s Enactus Club honored student mothers on campus to celebrate Mother’s Day.

On the Thursday before Mother’s Day, members of the Hesperia campus Enactus Club went classroom-to-classroom to pay tribute to all the moms enrolled in SJVC Business, Medical and Technology programs.

“We understand the challenges of being a mom and balancing time for your education,” says Douglas Patch, Business Administration instructor and Enactus Advisor. “We wanted to celebrate the commitment and dedication of all the moms that are attending SJVC.”

Over 150 students enrolled at the campus are mothers who are choosing to make sacrifices now so that they and their families can have a better future.

In each classroom, mothers were asked to stand or raise their hands so that they could be acknowledged, recognized for their commitment to their education, and given some special Mother’s Day treats.

The Enactus Club members who participated in this celebration of Mothers-on-Campus are: Daniel Constuble, Helal Kaoud, Ryan Varela, Zinnia Duardo, Rebecca Blankenship and Nancy Luna, along with Mr. Patch.

“It was so rewarding to let these mothers know that we, as classmates, know that at times it can be difficult; and we acknowledge their hard work,” says Rebecca Blankenship, Enactus Club Vice President. “Being a mother myself, I know the little things like this count the most.”

Applause could be heard coming from each classroom, as tribute was paid to those student-moms who were giving up so much for those who matter most.

“We just wanted our moms to feel special,” says Mr. Patch. “We realize that they go to a lot of work to be able to come to school and be students. It shows commitment to their families, as well as to their careers.”