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From Helicopters to Hospitals: A Rancho Cordova Student’s Journey

August 31, 2011

Rancho Cordova SJVC Student Hunt BlumeyerFlying helicopters and guiding white water rafting tours is not the usual resume for a respiratory therapy student – however, Rancho Cordova student Hunt Blumeyer is making it a smooth transition.

“I was looking at getting into Emergency Medical Services as a pilot but it could take me anywhere from 3 to 5 years before I was actually working in this area,” said Blumeyer.

Concerned also with a family friendly-schedule, the week on, week off nature of the job would have taken him away from his family.

“I’ll miss flying but I’m home every night with my wife and that’s where I need to be right now,” Blumeyer explains.

Because SJVC allowed Blumeyer to start immediately and integrated pre-requisites with core classes, it was the perfect fit.

“I didn’t want to wait at all,” said Blumeyer. “I wanted to get in and get started. SJVC could do all my pre-reqs, get everything done and get me in and out of here in 18 months.”

For Blumeyer, this was a non-negotiable but he also recognizes the program requires a big commitment both on his part and the part of those supporting him. He says SJVC is strict in a good way – the fast-paced nature of the education encourages focus and attendance.

“The reason is that it is an accelerated course and it is moving fast and you need to keep up. If you get behind I think you’d be in trouble,” Blumeyer states.

Although going back to school was initially difficult, Blumeyer has enjoyed learning respiratory therapy. The very social nature of the job is one of the many parts Blumeyer loves – and combined with the constant learning the RT program provides, he is well on his way to graduation.

Blumeyer is no longer landing helicopters or navigating his way through rocks and rushing rapids. He is, however, making strides to a different sort of adrenaline-pumping, social job – saving the lives of the people around him. And for an individual well-accustomed to extreme situations, it is a smooth transition.

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