Faculty Spotlights

Madera instructor Maziar Aminsalehi

Medical Assisting instructor sees himself in his students

by Nyla on March 10, 2015

Dr. Maziar Aminsalehi does not allow his academic and medical achievements to divide him from his students. He wants them to know that he once sat where many of them now sit; with an unimpressive education and work record, uncertain about a career direction and insecure about their future. “I got kicked out of two

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Accreditation Liason Officer Crystal Vandertuig

Central Office staffer plays major role in SJVC’s accreditation

by Nyla on February 26, 2015

Most SJVC students have never heard of her, and probably will never meet, Crystal VanderTuig. They have no idea that Crystal spends her days making sure that campus doors stay wide open and that the education they are getting is provided by a college that has standards of quality and continuous improvement. Crystal is SJVC’s

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Medical Assisting Instructor Sujana DeAlmeida

Dedicated Medical Assisting instructor to celebrate 25 years at SJVC Visalia

by Nyla on February 3, 2015

In February this year, Sujana De Almeida will enjoy a career milestone that might invite a long look back. It was 1990 when she joined SJVC’s Medical Assisting (MA) program faculty, and except for a year with a School Readiness program in 1999, it will be a very full 25 years with the Visalia campus. She

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Dental Hygiene instructor Angela Barnett

Dental Hygiene instructor has important message for students

by Nyla on January 20, 2015

Angela Barnett knows something about struggle. She grew up in a family where her parents, Ken and Barbara, worked all their lives in “Blue Collar America,” as she describes it. Although her parents never went to college, they had a different dream for Angela and her brother. “They wanted a better life for me than

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online gen ed instructor Melissa Brewer

Gen Ed instructor enjoys unique world of Online classes

by Nyla on January 13, 2015

Melissa Brewer made the switch from ground campus General Education instructor in Visalia to an Online spot for the same reason many students choose the Online education experience: the ability to work from home. Five years ago, when her son Dylan was born, Melissa knew that life with husband, Philip, and 3-year-old Seth was going

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Respiratory Therapy instructor Ann Marie Nawn

Turning a respiratory crisis into a career as an RT instructor

by Nyla on December 30, 2014

What inspired Ann Marie Nawn to become a Respiratory Therapist instructor and what keeps her there are two very different things. Over twenty years ago, when Ann Marie’s daughter Kristen was just nine months old, her asthma took her into respiratory failure. “The RT was very negligent and almost killed my daughter,” says Ann Marie. It

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Medical Assistant instructor Josh Farquharson

An unexpected career as an SJVC instructor ignites passion in shy guy

by Nyla on December 23, 2014

Joshua Farquharson never aspired to be a teacher. Even though his mother, Usha, and his father, Manley, are retired educators, Josh never seriously considered going into the ‘family business.’ “I was very timid, as a kid,” says Josh. “I never thought I’d become a teacher; it didn’t match my character.” Instead, Josh was drawn toward

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Construction Management instructor Andria Marrs

Breaking the Construction Management gender barrier is a snap

by Nyla on December 16, 2014

In 2007, 24-year-old bartender Andria Marrs came home one day and told her parents, Pamela and Jerry, “Mom and Dad, I’m going back to school, and I’m not paying you rent anymore.” Andria and her 4-year-old son Jakob were living with them, and Andria just could not seem to get a financial foothold to be

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Financial Aid Officer Grace Plascencia and husband Salvador

Financial Aid Officer’s background helps her connect to prospective students

by Nyla on December 2, 2014

Grace Plascencia grew up in a family of 10 girls and 3 boys. A teacher helped her get her first job at age 13, making $2.00/hour in her high school’s office. Her meager salary went into the family pot and contributed to the many expenses of a large family. “It was really tough; my parents

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