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CBS Los Angeles Profiles Respiratory Therapy Director of Clinical Education

January 19, 2021

CBS Los Angeles Profiles Respiratory Therapy Director of Clinical EducationTransport respiratory therapists need to be equipped with all the knowledge and clinical skills traditional RTs have, as well as the ability to handle care in difficult environments. They play an important role in the healthcare industry, which is why CBS Los Angeles (CBS2/KCAL9 news) recently profiled Monique Steffani, Director of Clinical Education for the Respiratory Therapy program at SJVC Ontario.


As a transport respiratory therapist, Monique divides her time between ambulances, planes and helicopters to keep pediatric patients breathing. She often relies on her background in science to help keep young patients alive during transport. And as a Director of Clinical Education for the Respiratory Therapy program, she often relies on her experience in the field to help educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.


“We’re basically a mobile ICU,” says Monique. “My role typically includes taking vitals, making sure patients are breathing, and on the appropriate ventilator settings if they’re intubated. We also need to be out the door in the drop of a dime.”


When not working transport, Monique keeps airways open at an Orange County children’s hospital. Until last March, she mostly cared for babies born too soon or children with lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis. However, with COVID-19 and the impact it’s had on hospitals, Monique now helps patients of all ages – many of which have to wait days or even weeks for an open bed and further medical support.


“I love my job. Respiratory therapists are the silent heroes in a hospital. We are there for every single Code Blue. We’re there for babies when they’re born, as well as grandparents when they’re in their most critical stages of life,” added Monique.


To hear more from Monique and how COVID-19 has impacted her profession, view the CBS Los Angeles segment titled “Meet A Transport Respiratory Therapist.”


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