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Angels Are Hard at Work on the Lancaster Campus

December 5, 2013

SJVC Facebook PhotoDecember T-shirt sales will benefit students at the Lancaster campus in a very personal way.

Their Christmas Angel Tree will glitter with little paper angels that many students-in-need hope will be chosen by someone willing to make their child’s holiday a little brighter. Each paper angel is a request for a small gift for a boy or girl, each making their own sacrifices for a parent to be in school.

Each anonymous paper angel will indicate a child’s gender and wish for any one of three items listed.  The real-life angel (benefactor) will pick an angel, decide on the gift and bring the purchase to the campus Student Relief Fund where the gift will be matched to the child and wrapped for the student/parent to pick up before the holiday break.

The Student Relief Fund will use the proceeds from December t-shirt sales to supplement those gift requests already met by staff, faculty and students.

“Our students are working so hard in class that we hope this is something that helps them during this time of year,” says Victoria Gutierrez, Dean of Student Services/Academic Dean.

Many students struggle to make ends meet while going to school, and appreciate any assistance that can be provided – especially if it benefits their children. The holidays can be particularly difficult for everybody.

Each month $1.00 from every sale of a ‘motivational’ tee benefits a different campus. And, sales are going great for these popular tees with messages of commitment, inspiration, humor and insight. They are particularly popular to wear for dress-down days and SJVC casual events.

Everyone can help the Lancaster campus raise money for their Student Relief Fund. Browse the selections at  T-shirts can be purchased for $6.00, using PayPal or a credit card on SJVC’s Facebook page:  There is no charge for shipping if you pick up your purchase at your career services office; otherwise it is $4.00 to send it elsewhere. SJVC is selling the T-shirts to you at cost – plus a dollar donation to a fellow campus.

Let’s show some support for our students whose children need just a little more holiday spirit…SJVC style!

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