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30 Years in Financial Aid: Veronica Huizar Navigates Uncertainty with Grace

December 20, 2023

Secure for 33-years in the Financial Aid department of a career college on California’s southern coast, Veronica Huizar was not sure she would have a job when in 2020 Santa Barbara Business College (SBBC) was acquired by San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC). She need not have worried.

Veronica discovered that SJVC applies the same commitment toward job security and advancement opportunities for staff and faculty as it does to its students and graduates. SJVC honored Veronica’s 30-years of career college service as recognized tenure that she would continue to build upon in its corporate office.


The college acquisition must have shaken your sense of job stability. What went through your mind?

It was kind of frightening because I was not a teacher, so my job wouldn’t automatically transfer. I was allowed to stay on board to finish with SBBC Financial Aid processing then transition completely to SJVC’s Ember Education.


Has your position changed in the last three years you’ve been with SJVC’s Ember Ed Department?

I still work in Financial Aid but have different duties and responsibilities. I work on closeouts for students who decide not to continue with their program, and I report enrollment information to the Department of Education.

Most of my years of employment I have worked alone, but since CoVid I have worked exclusively from home. I like independence and it’s never the same thing. You look at student ‘drop’ files, but every situation is different. Formalizing their drops keeps me on my toes.


How would you compare current job operations to earlier days?

SJVC’s system is a lot easier. It’s more electronic, animated and efficient. There are major shortcuts and calculations in play that are more effective, save time and are more accurate.

We enjoy virtual training from the Department of Education on new regulations coming in. We used to have to attend these training sessions in person.


Does your work-from-home status satisfy your sense of teamwork?

I enjoy that we meet, virtually, at least once a week. That makes me feel like I’m more part of a team.

Just knowing what I need to do and having a set schedule to accomplish has been my focus these past few years. I want to stay abreast of everything I need and not forget what I’ve learned over the past 30 years.


What was your work environment like looking back 30 years?

I think the only male in the office was the president/CEO and he would always dress in suit and tie. Women wore dresses, skirts and wore pantyhose and high heels. We would have ‘Dress Down Fridays’ and later ‘Jean Day’. They eventually transitioned to slacks and loafers or dressy casual – as accepted employee attire.


What do you see looking back over your extensive career with the college?

For me, it’s gratitude. After 30 years they (SJVC) were looking after me. I was grateful they kept me on board and had a spot for me after we finished with the transition (SBBC to SJVC owned). And that they also acknowledged my years of service by carrying them forward, meant so much to me.

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