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100% of Temecula’s First Dental Assisting Class Passed RDA Licensure Exams

September 21, 2015

Temecula Dental Assistants All Pass State ExamsSJVC Temecula‘s very first Dental Assisting graduating class set an important precedent for future Dental Assistant classes to follow: They recently passed all three State exams to become Registered Dental Assistants (RDAs). All seven grads, plus one graduate from the August graduating class, met the academic and practical requirements for licensure.

“Our Dental Assistant students were really appreciative that we are able to offer instruction that includes all the new technology and techniques that are out there in the field,” says Cindy Ovard, Dental Assisting Program Director. “We teach what the professional community needs.”

The exam is three-prong: The Practical component is a demonstration of practical skills, such as placing a sedative fill (temporary filling), and fabricating and cementing a provisional crown. The RDA Written Exam is the second component and covers chair-side material. The final segment covers Laws and Ethics.

The Dental Assisting program provides practice tests that allow students to review material and polish their procedural techniques. “The day before the Practical exam, we let students come to the school and practice one more time,” says Ovard. “We know ahead of time what they need, it’s just strengthening their skill to do it properly and in the fashion that is needed to get their license.”

Dental Assistant students are motivated to make the most of that last practice session. “They want to polish their skills for the exam with one more repetition,” says Cindy. Success was close at hand.

“Being a part of the first Dental Assistant graduating class and the class that passed the State practical the first try is and feels amazing!” says grad Sofia Guerrero, who is employed full-time as a Dental Assistant.

The campus’s Dental Assisting program has gotten great feedback from its first graduating class. “Our faculty/instructors are just phenomenal, too,” says Cindy. “We’ve heard back from students that our faculty know their craft and know what is needed and what to teach.”

“Honestly, SJVC is an amazing school with an amazing Dental Assistant program,” says Sofia. “Everything is so hands-on that you get the actual feel of what you’re going to do in a real-life setting, when working in a dental office. Everything I learned in school, I put to play at my job every day, so I’m forever thankful to SJVC!”

The Dental Assisting classes that just graduated in August will be able to take their RDA licensing exam in November 2015.


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