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Fresno Criminal Justice Corrections firearms training

Fresno Criminal Justice Corrections students practice safe firearm handling

by admin on February 5, 2016

Author: Manuel Graves, Criminal Justice: Corrections instructor, SJVC Fresno Cadets from SJVC Fresno’s Criminal Justice: Corrections program recently completed their weapons qualifications at the Fresno Pistol and Rifle Club Inc. in Auberry, Calif. Under the close supervision of BSIS and NRA Instructors Mark Swagger and Andy Leudridan, 11 cadets enjoyed a two-day break from the

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SJVC Ontario dental hygiene health fair participants

Volunteerism calls Ontario Dental Hygiene students to Health Fair

by Nyla Hallum on February 1, 2016

Dental Hygiene students at the SJVC Ontario campus are quick to pitch in when their community needs help with health education. One such occasion was a recent Community Health Fair held at a local Fontana park. Dental Hygiene students Sherly Castro, Cindy Drierdrich, Yesenia Camerena and Jessica Lilly, and instructor Bernadette Smith, set up their

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SJVC Temecula Holiday Wreath Making

Temecula’s Connect Crew members strengthen skills through service

by Nyla Hallum on January 25, 2016

Suddenly, SJVC Temecula’s Connect Crew is the campus club everyone wants to join. Membership has shot to more than 24 since its recent student recruitment launch. Kevin Caldwell, High School Admissions Representative, and new Connect Crew Advisor, went to every classroom and talked to students about why they should get involved and how they could

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Registered Nursing program Ontario California

Registered Nursing program here to stay on Ontario campus

by Nyla Hallum on January 19, 2016

Since July of last year, SJVC’s Ontario campus has been training 120 Registered Nursing students who found closed doors when they showed up for class at their Everest college campus on April 27, 2015. Mike Perry, SJVC’s co-owner and CEO, along with several corporate staff members, threw themselves into rescue mode. “These (RN) students just

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Rancho Cordova Partnership in Thanks

Respiratory Therapy students give more than ‘thanks’

by Nyla Hallum on January 14, 2016

During this holiday season of gratitude, SJVC Rancho Cordova’s Respiratory Therapy students and a faculty member put some action behind expressions of good will. On November 25th sixteen Respiratory Therapy students, along with their instructor Jodilee Prophet and her daughter, joined the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership (FCCP) for their annual Partnership in Thanks tradition of

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Dental Hygiene Oral Cancer Walk

Dental Hygiene students team up for Oral Cancer Walk

by Nyla Hallum on January 12, 2016

Oral cancer, or cancer of the mouth, is not as common or well known as many other cancers of the body. Statistics show that 10.5 adults per 100,000 develop oral cancer each year versus 484.8 adults per 100,000 that will develop other forms of cancer. To help bring awareness to this lesser known disease, Dental

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Aviation Maintenance Grad, Greg Wenger

Aviation Maintenance Technology was an unexpected career choice

by Nyla Hallum on January 7, 2016

Greg Wenger was pushing thirty and “relying on friends and doing the couch-surfing thing”, he says, when he had a serious realization. “I didn’t really have any education background that I could apply to the job market. Although he had worked at computer drafting and even tutored City College students, “It was down to working

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