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Aircraft Maintenance Training in Fresno, CA

Our Students Work on Real Equipment, Preparing for Careers as Aircraft Mechanics

In the Aircraft Maintenance program, students have the opportunity to work on both the body of aircraft and engines of all types and sizes. Equipment includes a model-sized jet engine called JetCat. With the JetCat, students get to run an actual jet engine and use real-time diagnostic readouts to troubleshoot the engine’s systems.

Our aircraft mechanic students also learn about electricity, fuel metering systems and sheet metal structures, in addition to hands-on training with propeller, turbine and jet engine systems.

SJVC Students Prepare to Test for Their
A and P License

SJVC prepares graduates to earn their Airframe and Powerplant License (also known as A&P or A and P License) through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With an A and P License, SJVC Aircraft Maintenance graduates can expect to work as A&P mechanics for airlines, commuter and corporate air fleets, and airfreight companies. Aircraft mechanics perform a variety of tasks on the job, including:

  • • Removal and installation of major aircraft components
  • • Conducting safety and preventative aircraft checks
  • • Repairing, servicing and maintaining aircrafts


San Joaquin Valley College's Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program prepares students with the skills and technical knowledge they need to perform aircraft, airframe and powerplant overhaul. Hands-on training in the hangar includes maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and repair of powerplant systems and components.
4985 East Andersen Ave.
Fresno, CA
Phone: (559) 453-0123

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