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Temecula Respiratory Therapy student Robert Ford

Ex-military combat medic finds adrenaline rush in Temecula Respiratory Therapy program

by Nyla on June 29, 2015

“For 21 years, I was groomed to be in a high intensity area, thinking on my feet, and I’m not going to lie, I miss the adrenaline rush,” says Robert Ford, Respiratory Therapy student on the Temecula campus. After 18 months in the program, he is finding some of that all-important, in-the-moment action when he

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Business Administration student Codilee Merrill

College scholarships are a financial blessing to Business Administration student

by Nyla on June 15, 2015

Codilee Merrill was paying close attention during SJVC Ontario‘s New Student Orientation when the subject of scholarships came up. She was surprised that there were so many available to students who, with a little time, effort and a reasonable GPA, could easily qualify for this unexpected financial boost. “I knew that I needed something that

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Online human resource administration student Celia Gonzalez

Student in Online Human Resource Administration program hits a triple

by Nyla on June 1, 2015

Celia Gonzales finds herself in the rare situation of claiming three major bases of accomplishment: Graduate, from SJVC’s Human Resource Administration certificate program, student in the Online Human Resource Administration degree program, and SJVC employee at the College’s Call Center in Corona. This tri-fecta of success was hard won over several years of study and

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Medical Assisting student ElliMae Borromeo

Teen Medical Assisting student finds college a lot different from high school

by Nyla on May 18, 2015

Although 19-year-old Elli Mae Borromeo just graduated from high school last year, she feels she is a world away from adolescent “mean girl” behaviors and those cliques that can cast a wide shadow. “There’s no drama, no rumors here; everyone is more mature, and it’s an elevated peer group,” she says. In terms of the

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Temecula Respiratory Therapy student Adam Moniz

Respiratory Therapy program is the perfect fit for military veteran

by Nyla on April 20, 2015

Everything about Adam Moniz’s 14 years in the Marine Corps was hands-on. His Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) as a combat instructor was demonstrating infantry weapons and tactics, demolition and rockets. “I’ve probably taught a couple of thousand foreign nationals how to do those jobs and 1,200 Marine Corps recruits right out of California boot camp,”

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Madera Medical Office program student Araceli Campos

Medical Office student rises above personal tragedies and builds a better future

by Nyla on April 6, 2015

Twenty years ago, Araceli Campos was a 14-year-old girl struggling in a single-parent home with her mother and her younger sister. Life became even more difficult when she realized she was pregnant. Whatever hope Araceli had for a better life slipped away. “Getting pregnant at an early age was pretty much where my life ended,

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Medical Assisting student would not quit program…even for cancer

by Nyla on March 23, 2015

After Felisha Stewart’s tests results in April 2014 indicated thyroid cancer, her oncology physicians were blunt about statistics reflecting that most women under 45 years old did not get past stage 2. At age 31, Felisha had stage 3 Papillary Carcinoma. For the next several months, Felisha had many more tests, biopsies, MRIs, PET scans,

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Clinical Medical Assisting student Gabby Manoz

Clinical Medical Assisting student put to truest test

by Nyla on February 23, 2015

If Gabby Manoz ever had any doubts about a career serving the medical needs of others, it was put to rest one day as she was driving along and spotted an elderly woman lying on the ground, flat on her back. Gabby pulled over and ran to her thinking, “This is real and it’s no

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Criminal Justice program student Luis Graciano

Hands-on aspect of Criminal Justice program makes strong impression

by Nyla on January 26, 2015

Luis Graciano has always been interested in a career in law enforcement. “Since I was a little kid, I’d see a cop car and get goose bumps,” says the 24-year-old. “I wanted to be the person in that car, helping people, making things better.” After kicking around for a few years in post-high school jobs,

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