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High School seniors pitched in to make Christmas wreaths for senior center

January 24, 2020

High School seniors pitched in to make Christmas wreaths for senior centerAs we start a new year, it is important to look back in appreciation for those who helped bring 2019 to a successful close and in the service of others.

A dozen high school seniors who have made a commitment to enroll in one of the Business, Medical or Technology programs on the Temecula campus brought a few friends and family members to a wreath-making party just before Christmas.

“They braved an unexpected heavy rainstorm to make wreaths for the Mary Phillips Senior Center in Old Town Temecula,” says Kevin Caldwell, Enrollment Services Director.

But no one seemed to mind what was going on outside, as inside SJVC’s comfortable campus the volunteer crew assembled ten 24” wreaths that would decorate the center, as well as the doors of a few lucky residents who held winning raffle tickets.

A couple of dozen volunteers enjoyed creating these holiday decorations while munching cookies and sandwiches to the sounds of favorite Christmas tunes in the background. “The high school students mentioned several times that they enjoyed making the wreaths,” says Amado Sanchez, High School Admissions Representative.

“I believe that it is important for SJVC and its students to participate in these kind of great community services events because it benefits the school and the community,” says Dylan Kuramoto who graduates from high school this year and is interested in SJVC’s Dental Assisting program. “It also shows what kind of students and staff members are at SJVC.”

Amado connects with all local high schools in the area and introduces seniors to the education and career training opportunities at the Temecula campus. Several events are planned throughout the year to invite these students to visit SJVC’s campus and explore programs of interest. This is the time most seniors are formalizing commitments to the education needed for their career choices.

“I am very excited to be a part of a college experience at SJVC that especially includes these kinds of community service projects in student activities because when you see a school do these kind of community service events, it shows that SJVC gives back to the community,” says Dylan. “Which makes people want to go to that school so they can be a part of that.”

Parents accompany their high school seniors to the campus and get to see first-hand where their kids might find career training for their future ambitions.

“It is important to build relationships with the whole family, since choosing a college is a family decision,” says Amado. “We want to better serve seniors and family members in making that big decision.”

Residents at the Senior Center were overjoyed to receive the wreaths. High school seniors who are forging their commitment to becoming SJVC students will be invited to participate in many more community service projects SJVC will perform, as these seniors move toward enrolled student status.

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