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Hall pass gives students VIP tour

May 2, 2014

A dozen SJVC Bakersfield students of the Health Care Insurance Specialist/Medical Office programs were invited to tour the Hall Ambulance Facility in Bakersfield recently. Business instructor, Michael Rugnao, arranged the field trip for his Medical Office Principles class, and Career Services Advisor, Stephanie Rubio attended, as well.

Students tour the Hall Ambulance Facility in Bakersfield.

“This was the first time Hall Ambulance has opened their doors for students to tour,” says Mr. Rugnao. “They seemed to be as excited as we were!”

Hall Ambulance, owned by Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall, has been an extern site and has hired many SJVC graduates over the years in various positions from EMTs to medical billing specialists.

“We have an outstanding relationship with Hall Ambulance,” says Rugnao. “They value our students as externs and, eventually, as employees.”

The tour included a roundtable discussion where various supervisors explained their department roles and responsibilities, as well as the qualifications and job responsibilities of their employees.

“Everyone that spoke was really helpful,” says student Samantha Martinez. “I learned so much and it got me excited for what I am going to get into in a couple of months.”

Tracy Burnside, who has worked for Hall Ambulance since graduating from SJVC’s HCIS program in 2001, talked about her position within the company and how SJVC prepared her for that role. Speakers provided tips on what students should focus on in school to prepare them to work at Hall’s.

“I have worked with Hall Ambulance for over 13 years now and in all the time I’ve worked with them they have been an exceptional extern site as well as employer to our students/grads,” says Stephanie Rubio. “It always makes me happy to see my graduates at work in their environment.”

The tour of the facility included viewing the command/dispatch center – the control center of operations – where the most advanced technology is in full operation.

“My experience with the Hall Ambulance field trip was very helpful for me now that I will be starting my externship next mod,” says Michelle Sanchez. “It really opened my eyes.”

The last stop of the tour was the business office. “We continued to run into former students, now employed by Hall Ambulance,” says Rugnao.

SJVC students seemed at ease in this environment and were encouraged to see so many of their academic peers in their midst who were well-established in their careers.

“The experience seemed to encourage them to work even harder in the classroom,” says Mr. Rugnao. “It was invaluable for the students to make the connection from what they are studying in the classroom and how it will be applied in the real world.”

And, Hall Ambulance got a peek at a few of their future employees, no doubt.

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