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Surgical Tech Graduate’s Essay Published

by Nyla on November 7, 2013

Jessica De La Cruz was flipping through the October issue of “The Surgical Technologist” when she noticed an article titled Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. “Oh, I wrote a paper about that,” Jessica thought. Then, she noticed her name in the by-line. “My mouth dropped open.” Jessica had no idea that the writing assignment in Program Director,

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Honk if you need encouragement

by Nyla on November 4, 2013

Cheryl Stansbury knew things were going to be tight when she started her Respiratory Therapy program in Temecula. Her husband, Michael, was in an uncertain construction industry and his job site had him commuting 90-minutes each way. Their 2-year old daughter, Gloria, needed a stable home environment with as little back-and-forth to child-care as possible.

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A long way from there…to here

by Nyla on October 28, 2013

Sandy Clute will be the first to tell you that not graduating high school until she was twenty-one was all on her. When she was a sophomore and not doing well with the academic constraints of the Akron, Ohio public school system, she opted to become an independent student enrolled in an online home-school program.

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Childhood dream becomes reality at Fresno’s Aviation campus

by Nyla on October 21, 2013

Michael McGee and his family were in a tough place. A carpenter and firefighter for most of his adult life, Mike had been out of work for much of the last two years. He knew he had to do something to keep his Mariposa life going with wife, Autumn and teenage daughters Bonnie and Rianna.

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The sweet smell of success

by Nyla on October 15, 2013

Their assignment was to create a business, develop a business plan and present it to “the bank” – in this case Campus Director, Joel Morgan, Academic Dean, Victoria Gutierrez and other staff – in order to get approval for a business loan. Sonia and Laura put their heads together and came up with “Panoramic Cupcakes”,

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Medical Assisting Student Brenda on school, family and loss

by Nyla on October 14, 2013

Brenda Cabrera grew up wishing she could be anywhere but home. Her parents were divorced and her father, Roger, “fought for custody many times,” says Brenda. When she was 17 her father was finally successful, and Brenda went to live with him and her stepmother, Elvia, and stepbrother, Yandell. She had the family she longed

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Family crisis nearly forces student to drop out

by Nyla on October 7, 2013

Andrea Evans knew it was going to be all uphill to succeed in her Respiratory Therapy program on the Temecula campus. At 38-years old she’d spent 20-years in the restaurant management business and with only a few post high school college classes in the distant past, confidence in her ability to be a good student

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A quiet voice grows strong

by Nyla on September 30, 2013

For the longest time, the only voice of encouragement Ashley Schwarz heard was that one deep inside her. “You’ve got to be better,” it said. Ashley lost each of her parents before she was ready to be on her own and, without siblings, her lone inner voice was the only one pushing her forward. Ashley

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Student is a triple threat to other job applicants

by Nyla on September 24, 2013

Online student, Ola Petty, is on fire with her career education. It wasn’t enough for her that she enrolled in and completed the Clinical Medical Assisting certificate program, then extended her commitment in the program to earn her A.S. degree. She decided to re-up and enrolled in the Medical Office Administration certificate program, just to

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