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Business Administration program student wins McDonald’s breakfast for inspirational instructor

June 3, 2015

Hanford business administration free breakfastStacie Vaz hit the Mickey D’s drive-thru for some coffee one morning on the way to her Hanford Business Administration class, when a “Race to Save Morning” promotion caught her eye. The promo invited participants to nominate a friend or loved one to receive a free breakfast, as a way to say “Thank you!”

Immediately her Business Administration instructor, Matthew Glasgow, popped into her mind. Stacie felt the chance of actually winning something was pretty slim. “But, I thought I’d give it a shot. Mr. G is worth it.”

“I’m a mother of 5 kids, and I’ve struggled with going back to school,” says Stacie. “On the first day, Mr. G pulled us aside, one-by-one and asked us, ‘What are you going to need from me in order to succeed throughout this class?'”

Stacie was stunned. “At other schools I went to I just felt like a dollar sign,” she says. “He made me feel like a person, and he was willing to help me, as a teacher, in any way he can.”

She filled out the nomination form and checked the box for group breakfasts. Then she forgot about it.

About a week later, she got a text message from Mr. Glasgow thanking her for a surprise visit from a couple of McDonald’s representatives who brought breakfasts for the entire Business Administration class, took a couple of photos and disappeared back into the morning. He and Stacie’s fellow students were digging into their breakfasts, and he had to share the moment with their benefactor.

“It was fantastic, and it made my day,” says Mr. Glasgow. “As an instructor, you hope you can have a positive effect on students, so to find out that Stacie was thanking me for being helpful to her, was such positive reinforcement that I’m on the right track. It was awesome!”

Fellow Business Administration students enjoyed their complimentary breakfast, complete with beverages, and sent their own messages to Stacie. “They were telling me ‘Oh, thanks for feeding us,'” she says.

“SJVC is my second family and they have given me lots of support,” says Stacie. “They’re always positive and encouraging; like a breath of fresh air. They make me feel like I matter in this world.”

Stacie’s impulse paid off – and let a few people know just how much she appreciates them.


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