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A bright future lies ahead for RT student, even if she can’t see it

by Nyla on March 3, 2014

Everyone around Jessica Pinedo sees her RT program and leadership accomplishments and has no doubts about a bright career ahead for her. Everyone except Jessica. Even as the recognition and awards stack up, she is filled with self-doubt. “I hold myself to very high standards and beat myself up a lot,” she admits. “I consider

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The U.S. Marine Corps clears a path for Physician Assistant student

by Nyla on February 24, 2014

Five and a half years in the Marine Corps, working as an F-18 jet mechanic, gave Mario Lemus the framework he needed to be a dedicated student. He brought disciplined study habits learned from many military courses, leadership from supervisory positions and the wisdom that comes from adapting to military life and personal circumstances and

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Motherhood tests Online Student’s mettle

by SJVC on January 27, 2014

Sometimes, education can get pushed to the wayside, neglected or forgotten because of crisis or celebration. Khampon Nasay-Partida knew this all too well. She was not where she wanted to be in life. “I wasn’t having much luck in the career I wanted,” Khampon says. She weighed all the options, researching program after program at

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Jack of all Trades makes Respiratory Therapy career commitment

by Nyla on January 13, 2014

Ask 27-year old Matthew Harbawi what kinds of jobs he has held in his work-life and he will tell you that the list of what he has not done is shorter. His first job, at age fifteen, was lifeguard at a local public swimming pool, where he fished a few panicked youths out of the

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CMA student breaks cycle of family dysfunction

by Nyla on January 6, 2014

Twenty year old Chelsy Samuels never had a role model to guide her through difficult decisions or show her how to navigate rocky relationships or strive for something positive in her life. She had to figure all that out on her own. Her mom was lost in a wasteland of drugs and abusive boyfriends and

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Two little girls keep Pharmacy Tech student going

by Nyla on December 30, 2013

Every day Paula Askari wakes up, straightens her narrow shoulders and prepares for the arduous routine that will bring her one step closer to her dream of a job she loves and financial security. She looks at the two little girls who are the focal point of her efforts: 3-year old Layla and 1-year old

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Business Administration Students right at home in political office

by SJVC on December 9, 2013

Business internships are wrought with fierce competition. Many individuals look to get a leg up in the business world and SJVC students act with diligence to earn their spots. Temecula Business Administration students Vania Fune and Liya Brykova are no exception. Both students had the good luck- or good resumes more likely- to be chosen

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SJVC Computer student finds dreams can grow from low self-worth

by Nyla on November 25, 2013

There is a worse prison than the one in which many of Gabriel Ontiveros’ friends lived. The prison of one’s own mind is much more limiting. “If you think you’re not worth it, if somebody tore you down, if nobody makes you feel like you can ever do anything, you need to start to see

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A complete career switch was the right decision

by Nyla on November 18, 2013

Heather Howell was not certain she could handle the rigors of going back to school. Almost 20-years since she graduated from high school and lots of start-and-stop college credits, she wasn’t sure she could do the whole classroom, study, exam thing again. She was sure, however, that her job in security – as a “mall

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