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Temecula’s Connect Crew members strengthen skills through service

January 25, 2016

TEM Holiday Wreath Making RESIZEDSuddenly, SJVC Temecula’s Connect Crew is the campus club everyone wants to join. Membership has shot to more than 24 since its recent student recruitment launch.

Kevin Caldwell, High School Admissions Representative, and new Connect Crew Advisor, went to every classroom and talked to students about why they should get involved and how they could help. “It is important for them to get involved on campus – and their membership also looks good on resumes they send to employers,” he says.

Connect Crew members have several areas of responsibility. They are important SJVC ambassadors who work with high school seniors as they consider continuing their education on the Temecula campus. Crew members help host Open Houses, College Fairs and Career Days, where they set up information booths and interact with potential students and their families. They also lend some student guidance at campus orientations.

Crew members sometimes visit a high school campus with Kevin Caldwell to share their first-person experience as an SJVC student. “I can relate to these students because I was one of them,” says Connect Crew member Alexis Gonzales. “I know what it’s like not having direction when it comes to a career path. I would love to help and give back as much as I can.”

High school seniors cannot enroll at SJVC until the January before they graduate. Once they go through the enrollment process on campus, it becomes a priority for the Connect Crew to try to keep those students on task their senior year and help build more interest in SJVC by bringing friends and family members in for a campus tour.”

“We get to have the opportunity to communicate with outside students about how great SJVC is and the programs offered,” says Brianna Marron, Connect Crew member, who especially enjoys connecting with students about becoming a Medical Assistant – her program choice and career ambition.

SJVC Temecula Connect CrewThere is also a strong community service component to Crew membership. Members recently took on their first project. A group of 16 high school seniors and Connect Crew members worked together to make six beautiful Christmas wreaths for the local Senior Center. The team had great fun demonstrating their creativity and helping the Center provide a little more holiday spirit for their residents.

“The wreaths turned out great,” says Kevin. “Some were displayed at their Senior Citizen’s Dance on December 18th.”

During the project, Kevin had the opportunity to sit down with the high school seniors and talk with them individually. “I was able to connect with some of them about what they wanted to do for their future.”

Even though Connect Crew members spend a lot of time helping others, they, too enjoy many benefits of their volunteerism.

“The skills I hope to strengthen (as a Connect Crew member) would definitely be leadership and communication skills,” says Alexis. “I feel I can take on big tasks and accomplish them, but I do find I need to strengthen that particular skill.”

Anyone interested in joining the Connect Crew on the Temecula campus should contact Kevin Caldwell at

Current Connect Crew members include:

  • Zhena Henry
  • Nadine Washburn
  • Cody Wildeman
  • Lauren Moistner
  • Mijerrea Hale
  • Fernanda Vargas
  • Cameron DiCiolla
  • Judy Lamadrid
  • Megan Plunkett
  • Lorissa Morgan
  • Jennifer Gonzalez
  • Alexandra Wiley
  • Brenda Fuentes
  • Valerie Mendibles
  • Andy Gonzalez
  • Salma Santos
  • Kelly Spires
  • Alexis Gonzalez
  • Alexis Angeles
  • Brianna Marron
  • Leslie Lopez
  • Daniele Wilson
  • Katy Garcia
  • Melita Bailey
  • Aislynn Smith