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SJVC Industrial Technology Student Angel Suniga

From gangs to soon-to-be graduate: A success story

by Nyla on October 13, 2014

In a town where 30 percent of the population is involved in gang-related activities, it is easy for youth to get off to a bad start. Angel Suniga was one of those in the San Fernando town of Pacoima on a path to self-destruction. At 18 years old, his affiliation and subsequent “wrong place at

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Temecula campus remembers Frank Varela

Temecula campus feels the loss of one of their best

by Nyla on October 6, 2014

“You could tell Frank Varela was going to be one of the best we had,” says John Hall, Dean of Student Services. It was a feeling shared by just about everyone who got to know Frank, while the 32-year-old was a Medical Assisting (MA) student at the Temecula campus. Frank’s life came to a tragic

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Business student Elias Campos

Temecula Business student is the guy to watch

by Nyla on September 22, 2014

Twenty-three year old Elias Campos is a Business Administration student on the Temecula campus who will graduate next month. When he leaves SJVC, he will have left an indelible mark on many lives. Elias comes from a humble background. His parents, Elias and Maria Soledad, had very little formal education because they both had left

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Aviation Maintenance Technoloy student Jose Hurtado

Brand new idea for a new life

by Nyla on June 30, 2014

Jose Perez Hurtado never thought much about airplanes. He never had that kid’s dream of flying one or taking one apart. They all kind of looked the same to him and were, so far as he was concerned, just a nice way to get from Point A to Point B. Jose worked for a company

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Aviation student turns crises into opportunity

by Nyla on June 16, 2014

Laureen Hurtado was enjoying the good life. She had a steady job, was making good money running equipment for a production plant near the home she and her wife, Gloria shared. Laureen had been in a community college nursing program for five years, trying to make the best of a lottery system that made getting

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Mom inspires daughter toward higher education

by Nyla on June 9, 2014

Jessica Lourido has never been a slacker when it comes to her work ethic. Although only twenty years old, she worked full-time at Starbucks for three years, while she finished up her last year of high school online, gave cosmetology school a 5-month trial run and took a few medical classes. But the more Jessica

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A Changed Life

by Nyla on June 2, 2014

“I am here to testify that God is still in the delivery business,” says Online CAMA student Joanne. And, she will tell anyone who will listen that when you are ready, really ready, God will give you the strength to follow a new path. The path Joanne had been on for twenty years was one

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Student likes versatility of Aviation program

by Nyla on April 28, 2014

You might not think Jeff Ball is someone you would find in Fresno’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program. He spent 17-years with Barnes and Noble in positions that began with selling books and ended in management. “I wore every hat in that building,” he laughs. Jeff left that long-term association, briefly worked a retail job, and

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A little boost up the company ladder for Ontario student

by Nyla on April 21, 2014

Twenty-one year old Kenzley Velthuis is very happy with the progress she has made at Bed Bath and Beyond in the two years she has worked there. She started out as a cashier, moved to an on-the-floor position and now enjoys an Operations spot that controls what ships in and what ships out. “I just

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