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SJVC Visalia helps Red Nose Day raise funds for needy children

May 31, 2016

Students and staff participate in Red Nose Day.“What’s with the red nose?” everyone asks. “Because sharing a laugh brings people together to help kids who need it most,” is the universal response.

Large and small communities across America are getting on board the Red Nose campaign to bring food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education and safety to children everywhere who are without those basic protections and living materials.

May 26th was the day established to raise awareness, conduct fundraisers and inspire communities to do whatever they could to contribute to this effort to help children in need everywhere. San Joaquin Valley College’s Visalia campus, led by the American Medical Technologists Student Society (AMTSS) club, eagerly took up this cause.

With food and supplies provided by a local Walgreen’s, SJVC held an All-American Cook-Out where hot dog meals were sold to students, staff and faculty all day long. “A lot of people didn’t know about it (Red Nose Day campaign to help needy children), but just wanted to donate without getting a hot dog,” says Chrystal Cates, Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting program instructor.

The fundraiser got lots of attention, and all were glad to help it succeed. “Any help that we can give children in poverty and who are in need, I think that we accomplished it,” says Chrystal. “There was lots of participation throughout the day when students were on break from morning, afternoon and evening classes.”

“This was our first year to participate, and we raised $300 to
mail to Red Nose organization,” she concludes.

The Red Nose Day organization’s website offers information about what kinds of services are provided by donations. One dollar will feed a child in a homeless shelter one meal, $5 will provide antibiotics to treat a child with pneumonia, $15 will keep a child safely in a homeless shelter for a week and $35 will give an eye exam and glasses to a child in need.

On May 26th, many celebrities participated in “The Red Nose Day Special” television event that educated the public about the Red Nose campaign, introduced the viewing audience to many children being helped through the organization and asked for donations to support their efforts. Celebrities such as Elton John, Tracy Morgan, Julia Roberts, Ludacris, Kobe Bryant, and Key and Peele appealed to the public to make contributions to the Red Nose campaign.

“We are always participating in different activities to help the community,” says Chrystal. “Our students know that volunteering is helping a much larger goal, so they enjoy doing it. And, from the smiles on their faces, we can tell that they think it’s worth it.”

The AMTSS Club is already planning next year’s Red Nose Day. “We want to try to get other clubs involved and make it bigger for the campus,” says Chrystal.