Student Spotlights

Temecula Medical Assisting student Rachel Edwards

Military background is perfect lead-in to life as Medical Assisting student

by Nyla on February 20, 2017

20 years in the Marine Corps formed Rachel Edwards’ appreciation for self-discipline and order, two skills that come into serious play as a student. “Time management just kind of comes naturally to me with my military background,” she says. “I didn’t really have a choice; the military demands structure.” Rachel never really had any doubts

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Visalia Business student Hector

A career in law enforcement is unwavering vision for Visalia Business Administration student

by Nyla on February 6, 2017

21-year-old Hector Negrete is not like so many in his age group who are trying to decide on a career path. He has known since he was a boy exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, and what he needed to do to get there. Law enforcement was his greatest ambition and

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Medical Billing and coding student Shaneeka

Online student matches natural abilities with Medical Billing & Coding profession

by Nyla on December 26, 2016

Sheneka Brassfield has no doubts about her career calling. It is something she has been doing all her life: Caring for others. Only now, once she gets the degree she is earning in SJVC’s Online Medical Billing and Coding program, she will be considered a professional in the field of helping others. Sheneka has spent

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Mother and her daughters buckle down to realize their medical career dreams

by Nyla on October 24, 2016

26-year-old Jonniece McFadden had no idea that when she began her Medical Assisting program last October, she would be the trigger for both her mom, Teresa Battles, and sister, Ruby Battles, to enroll in medical programs on the Temecula campus, as well. “My mom started a month after I did because she saw how hard

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Medical Assistant program student Domonique Washington

Medical Assisting student grabs the next rung in her career ladder

by Nyla on August 29, 2016

As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Domonique Washington knows beyond any doubt that she is in the right career field, but she isn’t in as deep as she needs to be to feel like an integral part of the medical team. “I should be more involved with my patients, not just the physical aspect, but

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Fresno Industrial Maintenance Tech Student Ricardo

Industrial Maintenance Technology student needed credential for higher pay at his job

by Nyla on August 1, 2016

Ricardo Rivas’ job as Equipment Operator at a food manufacturing plant had him doing a lot of industrial maintenance work. But he was not getting the pay bump, because he lacked specific training and certification. “At work, I was doing a lot of the maintenance, but I wasn’t getting paid (at the Industrial Maintenance Tech

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Respiratory Therapy student Michael Berry

Daughter’s difficult birth inspires Respiratory Therapy career choice

by Nyla on July 25, 2016

At 2 years old, Mia is starting to pull herself up and contemplating her first tentative steps toward her parents, Michael and Liz Berry. They are at the ready to catch, encourage and urge her on to her greatest potential. That is what moms and dads do. Michael took his parental support a good bit

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Fresno Medical Assisting student Alex Dos Santos

Medical Assisting student looking for more than a job

by Nyla on April 4, 2016

Alex Dos Santos sums up his employment ambitions perfectly. “I was always looking for that one thing, that one career I could build a life around,” he says. “I was tired of minimum wages and being a temp.” He took a very pragmatic approach when he weighed his options. “I did the math,” says Alex.

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Delano medical assisting student Jalyssa Alvarado

Delano Medical Assisting student won’t let hardships limit her success

by Nyla on March 28, 2016

The odds were stacked against Jalyssa Alvarado, and statistics predicted she would be a high school dropout with few job opportunities. That is what usually happens when you are born to a mom who has a history of substance abuse and incarceration, you have young siblings who depend on you for their primary care, and you

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