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Medical Assisting certification makes all the difference

by Nyla on April 17, 2014

Barbara Knudsen had worked in the medical field for several years in Ft. Worth, Texas. Although her only medical certification was for front office coding, she found herself working full-time, performing primarily back office procedures for a General Practice physician. Barbara did EKGs, bone density and pulmonary function tests, gave injections, and trained a long

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Support is key to CAMA student’s success

by Nyla on April 10, 2014

Kim Houseal never took the support and encouragement she has gotten over the years from friends and family for granted. She is grateful for every bit of it, and does all she can to build her own strengths, confidence and capabilities. Her parents, Warren and Patty, always encouraged Kim toward higher education and by the

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Surgical Technology Graduate’s work published

by SJVC on March 13, 2014

When Michael Bagtas graduated from SJVC’s Fresno campus in November of 2012, he could have disappeared from the educational scene, content to work in his career field with his new Associate’s Degree. However, this Surgical Technology graduate continues to involve himself in his field beyond simply working. He is a member of the AST, or

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Physician Assistant program is a natural for this veteran

by Nyla on February 27, 2014

Steve Hauswirth enlisted in the Air Force when he was 21-years old and spent the next ten years advancing in levels of responsibility for medical units. His training, education and expertise grew with each assignment. Steve’s military assignments spanned medical technician and Independent Duty Medical Technician, to Jack-of-all-trades where he performed medical and dental exams,

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CAMA student draws strength from tragedy

by Nyla on February 6, 2014

Three years ago Elvira Martinez and Jose Contreras experienced the greatest pain parents can endure with the loss of their two-day old son Jose. Elvira could have curled up and let the world pass by unnoticed. Instead she found the inner resolve to try to replace her grief with something constructive, something that would honor

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Therapeutic Massage career matches natural abilities

by Nyla on January 30, 2014

For years friends told Roger Weaver that he had a ‘great sense of touch…amazing hands’ and a giving nature, so it was not a huge surprise for him to find himself in the Therapeutic Massage program at SJVC’s Bakersfield campus. Roger had found the 15-month TM degree program online and “Doors just opened, financial aid

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Online education offers the freedom necessary to excel

by SJVC on January 23, 2014

Sometimes an online program is the perfect match for those whose busy schedules interfere with traditional education. Dana Riley is one of the students, an SJVC Online student from Kentucky. For years, she worked in a nursing home, but the unpredictable hours and her young children kept her tired and hardly in a position to

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Father of Nine Digs In

by Nyla on January 16, 2014

Although Steve Cichos had been a bricklayer in the construction business for over 20-years, he knew that with layoffs becoming more common, he would have to go deeper if he was going to stay in this business.  “There was less and less work and finances were getting less and less sufficient,” says Steve.  But he

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CAMA student discovers powerful career boost

by Nyla on January 9, 2014

Twenty-two year old Karissa Amador is a driven young woman with two primary ambitions: give to others and make your own way to success. She learned the importance of these intertwined goals at a very early age. Karissa never met her father, who moved and changed his last name to avoid child support. Growing up

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