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Grad Q&A with Business Office Administration Graduate Andrea Perez

September 28, 2021

Business Office Administration graduate Andrea PerezAndrea Perez is a 2021 graduate of SJVC Ontario’s Business Office Administration program. A highly motivated and curious person, Perez finds both challenge and satisfaction in her work. Before attending SJVC, she worked a few other jobs including in a warehouse, and worked throughout her time in school. Since graduating, she has worked in a foster parenting agency. Here, Perez tells us about the challenges and joys of both school and work, her future goals, and the importance of being yourself.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Andrea. I’ve had three jobs. My best job that I’ve had is the one I obtained after San Joaquin Valley College, as an administrative assistant. The previous jobs I had were warehouse and food related jobs. In my spare time I like to do arts and crafts.


Have you always been interested in going into office administration?

Actually, no. I just decided to go to school and I didn’t know what exactly to do, and that kind of just caught my eye. I felt like it would expand my horizons. It worked out.


What was going on in your life when you decided to go to school?

Once I graduated from high school, I took a four-month break and then I went to work at a warehouse doing quality control, shipping and receiving, stuff like that. I was basically just working and doing nothing, so I wanted to go to school.


What made you choose SJVC?

I liked that it was quick and they guide you through the process. They don’t just leave you there to figure it out yourself. So I felt like that was really helpful.


How do you think your program prepared you for your new career?

Communication-wise, it prepared me a lot. It helped me learn to be in a multi-cultural setting, dealing with different types of people.


Can you tell us about your current job?

I work the front desk at a foster agency. I started off as an administrative assistant and I’m currently being trained in recruitment as well.

I enjoy that my job doesn’t limit me and allows me to do more than just one thing. I also like helping people, like making sure parents fill out the correct paperwork.


What was the most difficult part about going to school and what got you through those hard times?

The most difficult part about going to school was juggling school and work. It added an extra step, but I got through it. It helped to have the teachers always there to assist after class.


What advice would you have for people who maybe are looking into SJVC?

Be patient. There are times where it’s going to be hard, but if you stick through it, it gets better.

Also, be yourself and don’t be shy.  I think employers look at personality and not just qualifications when hiring.


What’s next for you? Do you have any goals or any next steps that you’re thinking of?

For the moment, I’m not planning on going back to school, but I’m planning on hopefully moving up in the organization that I’m working in.

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