Faculty Spotlights

Medical Assistant instructor Josh Farquharson

An unexpected career as an SJVC instructor ignites passion in shy guy

by Nyla on December 23, 2014

Joshua Farquharson never aspired to be a teacher. Even though his mother, Usha, and his father, Manley, are retired educators, Josh never seriously considered going into the ‘family business.’ “I was very timid, as a kid,” says Josh. “I never thought I’d become a teacher; it didn’t match my character.” Instead, Josh was drawn toward

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Construction Management instructor Andria Marrs

Breaking the Construction Management gender barrier is a snap

by Nyla on December 16, 2014

In 2007, 24-year-old bartender Andria Marrs came home one day and told her parents, Pamela and Jerry, “Mom and Dad, I’m going back to school, and I’m not paying you rent anymore.” Andria and her 4-year-old son Jakob were living with them, and Andria just could not seem to get a financial foothold to be

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Financial Aid Officer Grace Plascencia and husband Salvador

Financial Aid Officer’s background helps her connect to prospective students

by Nyla on December 2, 2014

Grace Plascencia grew up in a family of 10 girls and 3 boys. A teacher helped her get her first job at age 13, making $2.00/hour in her high school’s office. Her meager salary went into the family pot and contributed to the many expenses of a large family. “It was really tough; my parents

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SJVC Medical instructor Sandy Schiffner

Mid-life career jump just what the doctor ordered

by Nyla on November 25, 2014

Sandy Schiffner spent almost twenty years as a Medical Assistant in an internist’s office performing pretty much the same procedures each day. She was comfortable and she was appreciated; but, she was not stimulated to use all of her medical knowledge or to grow in her profession. “I was ready for a new venue, something

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Online spotlight on Connie Stowell

Online staffer gets maternal with medical students

by Nyla on November 11, 2014

As Clinical Requirements Coordinator for the Online division’s medical programs, Connie Stowell gets in touch with her maternal instincts. “I’m part mom and part cheerleader to get students to focus on giving me their documentation of immunization so that they can pass along to the next step,” she says of her process to fulfill an important

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Falling through the cracks is not an option for Medical Assisting instructor

by Nyla on October 28, 2014

Thirty years in the military have taught Medical Assisting instructor Richard Moriarity a few things about focus, discipline and respect: Three attributes his medical students sometimes scramble to achieve, while they struggle with the demands of their  programs. “I remind them of the decision they already made to be here,” says Moriarity. “There are a thousand

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Victor Valley Career Services Advisor Kalisha Gessesse

Victor Valley Career Services Advisor is woman about town

by Nyla on October 14, 2014

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere. Kalisha Gessesse does not stay in one spot for very long. As a Career Services Advisor for the Hesperia campus, she is constantly on the move. “It is something new every day,” says Kalisha, who likes the flexibility of her job best. “I wouldn’t want a position where it

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SJVC Temecula enrollment services director Marcus Barnette

Touch a Life is Enrollment Services Director’s greatest ambition

by Nyla on October 7, 2014

Almost ten years ago something happened to irrevocably shape Marcus Barnette’s very existence: An emergency appendectomy very nearly ruptured and took his life. It began with a sharp pain that intensified beyond bearable. “I screamed like a baby when Jo-Ann touched my side,” says Marcus. After emergency surgery, the doctor told his wife that it

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Fresno Aircraft Maintenance instructor Don Dutra

Aviation Maintenance instructor sees positive impact program has on students

by Nyla on September 16, 2014

As an instructor for Fresno’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program, Don Dutra has seen every type of student join his Powerplant class. Those eager faces fresh out of high school, career-change seekers, and close-to-retirement adventurers who are finally fulfilling a dream, stare back at him. “We get some students with zero experience and those who have

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