General Education

Take Your Prereqs at SJVC

Do you need to complete prerequisites to enroll in an SJVC program or to apply to a program at another institution*? Select SJVC locations now offer 10-week science courses as well as 5-week non-science courses to meet prerequisite needs**. Our courses are designed with students’ goals in mind. The instructor-led courses are delivered using an approach to engage students and encourage interaction and participation.

The following courses are for non degree-seekers.

Prerequisite Courses Offered at SJVC

Science Courses

  • CHE 3: General Chemistry
  • CHE 4: Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
  • BIOL 10: Human Anatomy
  • BIOL 14: Microbiology
  • BIOL 45: Human Physiology

Non-Science Courses

  • ENG 121: Composition and Reading – Part A
  • ENG 122: Composition and Reading – Part B
  • MTH 121: College Algebra – Part A
  • MTH 122: College Algebra – Part B
  • NSC 1: Introduction to the Natural Sciences
  • PHIL 1C: Ethics
  • PSY 1: General Psychology
  • SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology
  • SPC 1A: Introduction to Public Speaking

To view more information on these courses, including the full course descriptions, please view SJVC’s Catalog.

Upcoming 10-Week Science Prereq Course Schedules

Bakersfield Spring Session: 3/23/20 – 6/1/20

Course NameUnits Earned
BIOL 14 – Microbiology4 Units
CHE 4 – Intro to Organic & Biochemistry4 Units


Fresno Spring Session: 3/16/20 – 5/3/20

Course NameUnits Earned
BIOL 10 – Human Anatomy4 Units
BIOL 14 – Microbiology4 Units


Ontario Winter Session: 2/24/20 – 5/3/20

Course NameUnits Earned
BIOL 10 – Human Anatomy4 Units
BIOL 14 – Microbiology4 Units
BIOL 45 – Human Physiology5 Units
CHE 4 – Intro to Organic & Biochemistry (w/lab)4 Units


Visalia Winter/Spring Session: 02/18/20 – 4/26/20

Course NameUnits Earned
BIOL 14 – Microbiology4 Units
BIOL 45 – Human Physiology5 Units


Non-Science Course Schedules

Non-science general education courses usually are offered every five weeks. Course availability varies by location, with the following locations offering standalone courses:

Contact one of the above locations to learn what non-science courses are offered and when the next courses start.

How to Enroll

The first step is to request information about our prerequisite courses. An admissions representative will reach out to you soon to discuss your options.

Have questions about prerequisites?

Visit our Prereq Course FAQ page.

*Completion of the general education requirements and/or prerequisite courses at SJVC does not guarantee entry into an SJVC program. If you intend to transfer SJVC courses to another institution, you must contact that institution directly to determine transferability of units. Accepting transfer credits is always up to the receiving institution. View a complete list of SJVC articulation agreements. SJVC currently does NOT have an articulation or transfer of credit agreement with Bakersfield College or Fresno City College.

**Prerequisite courses vary by location. Contact a location to determine which science and non-science courses are offered.