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You’re Not in High School Anymore

May 14, 2013

Shena_Reid fixedShena Reid wasn’t sure she would do very well in college-level classes, when she considered enrolling in the Online Clinical Medical Assisting certificate program. It had been a dozen years since she graduated from high school and thought it would only get harder, as so much time had passed since she was a student. “I took a chance with this Online class,” says Shena.

What she found out is that, as a private Jr. college, SJVC is deeply invested in providing all the support a student needs to be successful. “My biggest surprise was how teachers were always helping students,” says Shena. “They called and e-mailed all the time, making sure you were on track. They even gave you their phone number to call any time or schedule tutoring time. That was huge to me,” she says.

SJVC’s Online support system worked for Shena, who maintained a 4.0 GPA. “I actually didn’t make these kinds of grades in high school, so this was a big deal for me,” she says. The high point for her was seeing her test scores come back. “I put in the work for them and had the information to make those grades,” she says. “But, I give God all the thanks.”

Shena also had a lot of support at home. Her husband, Ali, encouraged her all the way. More than that, he knew her study schedule and made sure he had their three children, ages 3, 4 and 11, well taken care of. “He was very, very supportive; he made sure I didn’t slack on my school work, and took care of the kids every day for me to study,” says Shena.

Shena has always been drawn to the medical field and wants to work in either a Cardiology or OBGYN environment. Several people in her family have had serious medical problems that helped her to decide on a career in that field. “Something was pulling me in this direction and it’s like I was destined to do this,” she says. Shena spent a lot of time watching those professionals who worked in hospitals and took care of sick people and thought, “Why not do it myself.”

She is well on her way. “I will take my time, but I will eventually get in to the RN field,” says Shena, who wants to work for awhile in a career into which she just recently earned entry.

Someone else may share her career inspiration. Shena’s 11-year old son, Cam’ron, has been watching his mom pretty closely and looking through her medical books with interest.  It would make her success all the sweeter to see her son share her chosen path.

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