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Students breathe new life into Temecula’s Associate Student Body club

December 20, 2017

Temecula ASB ClubEvery once in awhile, campus life slows down long enough for a handful of students to look around and wonder what else they could do enrich their educational experience. That happened recently to a couple of Medical Assisting program students on the Temecula campus.

Maureen DeLeon and Kristara Diaz Brown are classmates and friends who were talking about different groups they might join on campus when they got an idea. “Wouldn’t it be fun to start up a club of our own that involved the student body?” remembers Maureen. “We discussed how we wanted to bring life and excitement to the campus by involving the students with activities and events that dealt with the school. We wanted students to be more involved with the school, instead of just the bookwork portion of it.”

They were describing the then dormant Associate Student Body (ASB) club. Unfortunately, membership had dwindled until it could no longer sustain itself. But that was about to change in a big way. Maureen and Kristara decided to resurrect the club.

“We needed to have officers in line, a purpose of the club and an advisor who could guide us in the right direction,” says Maureen. “The advisor we approached was Mrs. Tawny Williams, one of the Medical Office instructors. She agreed to lead us in the direction we are at today, along with Mr. John Hall.”

The kickoff for membership recruitment began in October under the guidance of ASB Staff Advisor John Hall, who is Dean of Student Services for the campus. Students from all three day-parts were quick to scope out the club.

“We want the school, as a whole, to be a part of something great,” says Cha’tifa Moore, ASB Vice President and a Medical Assisting student. “We try to recruit new members daily, weekly, if not every new module; and we typically get about two or three new people each time.”

Just a little over two months after revitalizing the club, membership sits at 23 students – and growing.

“ASB is a club for all to see and join to have fun, express themselves and work together as one,” says Cha’tifa.

Maureen was a big part of the ASB launch and assumed a leadership role. “I currently hold the position as ASB President and leadership has played a big role in what we’ve done, not only to represent the school but to represent the student body of SJVC,” she says.

“They have had a Dress-down Day and a bake sale, led our Awards Ceremony, and created decorations and thank-yous for our veterans,” says Hall. “They helped run a holiday food drive and participate in other students’ achievements. They are currently planning some holiday events and our graduation dinner in the next few weeks. They show no signs of slowing down!”

“ASB hosted the Awards Ceremony, and it was the first time for all of us to be a part of this,” says Cha’tifa. “It was very successful, and all the students and staff enjoyed it so much that it became the talk of the school!”

The details of organizing, planning, promoting and executing events are endless, but these club members take it all on. “Being a part of this ASB team has shown me a lot of who I am, what I like to do and how I can do more to make not only myself happy, but other students and staff,” says Cha’tifa.

“It has been such a great experience, bringing student life to the campus,” says Maureen. “We have a great team of ASB members here at SJVC Temecula, and we are always looking to bring ideas, fun, and leadership to our campus.”

Currently, the graduation dinner is the central focus for ASB members. “Right now, we are planning the event, calling different vendors and reaching out to grads to save the date,” says Cha’tifa. “It is going to be something that all graduates will remember as they walk across the stage and take the next step in life.”

New plans and activities are always in the works. “Besides the graduation dinner, we are thinking about having an event where both staff and students can bring family and friends, take holiday pictures, send a gram to their friend or favorite teacher and “pie” a teacher’s face,” says Cha’tifa.

The ASB club members get almost as much as they give to their events. “What I learned from participation in this club and the various activities is that everything cannot be done alone,” says Cha’tifa. “Everything is a group effort, and we all have to work and pull together.”

Cha’tifa’s participation in the ASB club will undoubtedly also give her – and all the members – a boost in their chosen careers. “The experiences and skills that I will use in my future career are communication and participation on a team, because we cannot do one without the other.”

Students are finding out that Associate Student Body membership is the ticket to ride, and this club is on fire.