Rancho Cordova Respiratory Care graduate Yowty Chao

Respiratory Therapy graduate finds career calling caring for his grandmother with COPD

by Nyla on July 19, 2018

Seven years ago when Yowty Chao started dating his future wife Dorothy, he had no idea that Dorothy’s grandmother would come to have such a strong influence on his life…and his career. Yowty and Dorothy had been dating long enough to know that they were in a serious relationship, and Yowty’s connection to her family

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HVACR technician program student at SJVC Ontario

HVAC Technician: A Career Guide

by Raja Tahir on July 18, 2018

Are you interested in a hands-on career that requires solid mechanical and troubleshooting skills? If so, then becoming an HVAC (or HVACR) mechanic and installer might be the right career for you. What does an HVACR technician do on the job? HVACR technicians — which stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration — are

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Fresno aircraft mechanic graduate Zach Stewart

Curiosity is a great starting point for a career in aircraft maintenance

by Nyla on July 12, 2018

“I always want to know how things work,” says Zachary Stewart. “My mind automatically wants me to break something down to see just how it works.” That part of Zach’s nature worked well for him when he was a student in SJVC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program at the Aviation campus in Fresno. Zach had

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SJVC Rancho Cordova Respiratory Therapy instructor Julia Foss

Rancho Cordova Respiratory Therapy instructor focuses on building student confidence

by Nyla on July 10, 2018

“I have had a lot of students tell me that I believe in them more than they believe in themselves,” says Julia Foss, Respiratory Therapy program instructor. Julia has made it her mission to change their mindsets. There is no doubt that the Respiratory Therapy program is intense, and it takes a great deal of

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registered respiratory therapist working at hospital

Associate’s vs Bachelor’s in Respiratory Therapy: Do You Need an Advanced Degree?

by SJVC on July 3, 2018

To ensure the respiratory therapy workforce is prepared to meet the growing challenges and demands it will face in terms of protocol-driven care and disease management, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) has called for 80% of RTs to either hold or be working toward a bachelor’s degree by the year 2020. Recently, the

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San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. signs agreement to acquire Carrington College

by SJVC on June 29, 2018

San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to acquire Carrington College from Adtalem Global Education. We intend to keep Carrington College as a separate education entity, with its existing name, allied health programs, campuses and team. The transaction requires accreditor and regulatory approvals before it is complete,

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SJVC Visalia Vocational Nursing program student Amanda with daughter

Saving a baby’s life confirmed career direction for student in Vocational Nursing program

by Nyla on June 25, 2018

Temperatures were in the 70s the day Amanda Dollman heard frantic cries as she walked to her car in a hospital parking lot. She noticed an older woman and a younger man trying to get into a locked car. “I asked if everything was ok, thinking I could call AAA for them,” says Amanda. There

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Temecula Dental Assistant program graduate Dani and husband

Dental Assistant grad knows “going it alone” can actually focus your career goals

by Nyla on June 21, 2018

Danielle “Dani” Watson knew no one in California when she loaded up a U-Haul and moved from Kansas to California to start her new Dental Assisting program on the Temecula campus. Her Marine Captain husband Adam was deployed in the Middle East, and she wanted to be close to Camp Pendleton when he returned to

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SJVC Ontario instructor Erin Schlanger with her family

Ontario instructor knows she was born to teach

by Nyla on June 19, 2018

When you’ve wanted something all your life, it’s a little overwhelming when it finally happens. “I was driving when I got the call that I got the teaching position at SJVC,” says Erin Schlanger. “Tom (husband) was telling me, ‘You need to pull over,’ because I was crying, I was so happy.” That was 8

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