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Motherhood tests Online Student’s mettle

January 27, 2014
When a baby entered Khampon’s life, it became more difficult to juggle family and career.

Sometimes, education can get pushed to the wayside, neglected or forgotten because of crisis or celebration.

Khampon Nasay-Partida knew this all too well. She was not where she wanted to be in life.

“I wasn’t having much luck in the career I wanted,” Khampon says.

She weighed all the options, researching program after program at all the available schools. It was not long until she found SJVC. She was interested, particularly in the online aspect. She finally decided to enroll in the Business Administration program.

“It was my first time attending an online school,” she says.

Even if it was a first for her to study online, this was not the first time Khampon had tried going to school. However, each time she started school, life seemed to get in the way. Her last attempt had been cut short by an unexpected move. Distractions like these kept Khampon from getting the career she dreamed of having.

Khampon found that SJVC’s Online campus was a perfect match, because it could prevent many of her previous distractions from compromising her education. She enrolled, knowing this was the key to ensuring a better future for herself.

Khampon enjoyed the program, and appreciated its “excellent faculty”. She became quite accustomed to the online aspect, preferring it to traditional on ground college educations. Everything was finally falling into place.

Khampon passed her first two courses with flying colors, but soon discovered she was pregnant.

This was both a wonderful and a stressful thing. Despite the many new responsibilities heaped upon her by the pregnancy, she did her best to stay on top of her studies.

Still, caring for a child changed everything. Things piled on and between caring for her newborn baby and a bout of postpartum depression, Khampon found herself falling behind.

“It was difficult to make time for both a baby and school,” she says.

It was then that Khampon’s relationship with SJVC Online staff and faculty helped to pull her through. Her career advisor notified her that she was going over the time frame for graduating.

“She was very understanding, making sure everything was okay,” says Khampon.

“She needed a little help,” says Advisor Tekla Patton. “But she was still willing to ask.”

Ultimately, Khampon passed all her classes and graduated from the program. She is very thankful that the school was willing to make arrangements for her, to work within the hectic life of a new mother.

“Everyone was willing to be understanding, which made a difficult task at least a little easier,” says Khampon.

Congratulations on your graduation, Khampon!


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