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MDA Bail made for SJVC Campus Director

December 8, 2011

SJVC Campus Director Raises Money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Central Valley

San Joaquin Valley College’s faculty, staff and students managed to raise exactly one dollar over the $1,600. bail set for Campus Director Kelly Walters by the Muscular Dystrophy Association Central Valley – but not before she was slapped with handcuffs, taken by patrol car and tossed into the slammer (actually a local restaurant ‘holding cell’). After a couple of hours, bail was officially arranged and Walters received certification of her “MDA Lock-Up” warrant and release.

Kelly Walters and the SJVC Bakersfield campus were recent participants in this year’s MDA Central Valley fundraiser that netted over $27,500, citywide. “We are very interested and involved in community support and local philanthropy,” says Ms. Walters. “Each of our programs has its pet charities and many of our students are drawn to causes that impact their career paths, their own personal lives or the lives of someone they know.”

Bakersfield raised the most money in this year’s Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up, which also included Tulare, Hanford, Visalia, Selma and Fresno. “The financial contribution made by San Joaquin Valley College and their supporters will pay for two kids and a counselor to go to MDA’s Camp Tuolumne in Groveland, CA next summer,” says MDA representative Renee Contreras. The camp is designed to handle the mobility needs of young campers with muscular dystrophy, and many water, creative and group activities are provided to give attendees the best possible experience.

Kelly Walters and her supporters had about a month to raise the stated bail. Even though she took a check with her to secure her release, she would like to continue to raise money for this worthy cause. Donations are welcome and can be arranged through Kelly Walters’ website:

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