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In It For the Long Haul

July 10, 2013
After graduating from SJVC as a student, Frank stayed with the school as an employee, to this day.

In 2010, Frank Rodriguez had just graduated from high school and was anxiously awaiting his future as a student at San Joaquin Valley College. Fast forward three years later and Frank is still a member of the SJVC family as an Admissions Representative in the call center.

Initially Frank was a potential student looking for a paralegal program, but his interest peaked when discussing Business Administration (BA) with his admissions advisor.

“My goal was to become a lawyer, but SJVC changed that- in a good way!” he says.

As a student, Frank began to work in the library. The time he spent there is what triggered his desire to stay at SJVC after graduation.

“I fell in love with it. I loved helping the students, it was a wonderful experience,” says Frank regarding the time he spent working in the library.

In one of his last few weeks of school, Frank got wind of a job lead in the call center through his Career Services Advisor, Jeanette Drake, which propelled him toward his future as an SJVC employee.

As a student Frank’s favorite thing about SJVC was the family atmosphere. Because family is so important to Frank personally, that element was a key characteristic that made him fall in love with the school.

Now, as an Admissions Representative, Frank’s favorite part is being able to interact with the students and do his part to encourage that same family atmosphere.

As an admissions representative Frank guarantees that students are put in touch with the people who can answer the questions they have, ensuring that they receive all the proper information.

“It’s very touching,“ Franks says of the role he plays in building futures for SJVC students. “I love it!”

Frank is a perfect fit for SJVC, and his passion for the school and our students is undeniable.

“Yes we are a school and we are a business, but we care about you and what you want to do and what you want to become,” says Frank.

While Frank hopes to transition into Financial Aid in the future he knows that he doesn’t want his career to develop anywhere else.

“I want to stay here at SJVC. I want to retire here. I don’t want to leave,” he says.


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