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Graduates share the love connections they made at SJVC

February 14, 2019

At SJVC, we know our students come to us to get the training they need for a new career. But some have graduated with more than career training: Several of our graduates found their significant others through SJVC! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing two of those love stories.

Travis and Silvia

SJVC love stories Travis and Silvia

“While I was a student, I met my wife in June of 2014 through a mutual friend who was also a fellow student. Now five years later, we’ve been married for 4 years and have a 3-year-old son, Preston,” says 2015 SJVC grad, Travis Cassidy who met his wife, Silvia, while attending the Aviation campus in Fresno.

“Over the last five years as I’ve watched my career grow I’ve been blessed to watch my family grow. In my heart, I know that the life and the love that I have today come from my hard work and time at SJVC,” says Travis.

Andrea and Rudy

SJVC love stories Andrea and Rudy

As a competitive jiu jitsu athlete, Andrea Valencia met Rudy Morales in 2011 at SJVC’s Rancho Cucamonga campus (now located in Ontario). Rudy shared her interest in jiu jitsu. He was a class ahead of her in the Respiratory Therapy program and once he graduated, they lost touch. A year later while at a clinical site as part of her externship, the two ran into each other.

“We were happy to see each other. I was starting to prepare for my boards and Rudy offered to help me study for the exam. We started to see each other more frequently to study and have meals. After a few weeks of this, we realized that we were developing feelings for each,” says Andrea.

There was just one problem….Andrea was engaged to be married.

“Rudy told me that we couldn’t hang out anymore because I was engaged and it would be wrong because we liked each other. I was devastated and decided to end my engagement. I had to follow my heart and take a chance on love. It turns out it was the best decision I ever made. We have been living happily ever after since.”

The couple eloped in Iceland and traveled around Europe for their honeymoon.

“We recently bought a house and both have jobs in the medical device industry now. If it wasn’t for SJVC, my life would not be the same,” Andrea says.

Happy Valentine’s Day!