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Medical Office Administration student achieves for her family

by Nyla on November 14, 2013

At 31-years old, Sy Om had waited too long to go to college to let a little thing like giving birth to her fifth child slow her down. Soon after the delivery of her son, Athan, she was eager to get home. “The day I got home from the hospital she (Theresa Paserb, instructor) was

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No time for self-pity

by Nyla on October 17, 2013

Given the choice of rolling over or digging in when things get tough, Valerie Coe is going to grab a shovel. And it is that kind of tenacity that got her through some very difficult times over the last year. As a Nuclear Decontamination Technician, Valerie spent a lot of time on the road. It

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Family crisis nearly forces student to drop out

by Nyla on October 7, 2013

Andrea Evans knew it was going to be all uphill to succeed in her Respiratory Therapy program on the Temecula campus. At 38-years old she’d spent 20-years in the restaurant management business and with only a few post high school college classes in the distant past, confidence in her ability to be a good student

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Always a Work In Progress

by Rylee on August 15, 2013

From owning his own business to attending one of the highest ranked universities in the nation, Rancho Cucamonga alumni David Castain has made several significant leaps and bounds since graduating from the Business Administration program here at SJVC. David attended and recently graduated from Howard University, where he majored in Speech and Applied Methods and

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In It For the Long Haul

by Rylee on July 10, 2013

In 2010, Frank Rodriguez had just graduated from high school and was anxiously awaiting his future as a student at San Joaquin Valley College. Fast forward three years later and Frank is still a member of the SJVC family as an Admissions Representative in the call center. Initially Frank was a potential student looking for

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Economic crunch forces big decisions

by Nyla on June 5, 2013

In 2008 Mike Mattingly and his wife Tabatha were enjoying the good life in Phoenix, AZ. Mike was earning a good salary working for a civil engineering firm with all the perks. Then, whoosh, it was gone. The economic crunch hit them hard. It was a time when businesses were downsizing aggressively and Mike was

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You’re Not in High School Anymore

by Nyla on May 14, 2013

Shena Reid wasn’t sure she would do very well in college-level classes, when she considered enrolling in the Online Clinical Medical Assisting certificate program. It had been a dozen years since she graduated from high school and thought it would only get harder, as so much time had passed since she was a student. “I

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A Life-long Learner Keeps His Promise

by Nyla on May 7, 2013

When Bill Lennon dropped out of high school his junior year to take over his Dad’s dry wall business after his Dad fell and broke his neck, Bill made two important promises to himself: He would one day go back and finish high school and eventually go on to get a college degree. On his

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Young, Ambitious… and Stressed

by Nyla on March 28, 2013

Jaspreet (Jessy) Manak, RRT will be the first to tell you that she was spread very thin those last couple of months before she graduated from Rancho Cordova’s Respiratory Therapy program in November. During her 4th term Jessy organized a Respiratory Therapy event at the Yuba City Sikh Parade. “At the same time we were

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