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Father of Nine Digs In

by Nyla on January 16, 2014

Although Steve Cichos had been a bricklayer in the construction business for over 20-years, he knew that with layoffs becoming more common, he would have to go deeper if he was going to stay in this business.  “There was less and less work and finances were getting less and less sufficient,” says Steve.  But he

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CAMA student discovers powerful career boost

by Nyla on January 9, 2014

Twenty-two year old Karissa Amador is a driven young woman with two primary ambitions: give to others and make your own way to success. She learned the importance of these intertwined goals at a very early age. Karissa never met her father, who moved and changed his last name to avoid child support. Growing up

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Veterinary Tech program refuge from childhood abuse

by Nyla on December 19, 2013

Phaedra Ray’s young life was filled with all of the abuses you wish no child to endure. The three people – mother, father, older brother – who should have most protected her, were the primary perpetrators. With no place to hide, she lost herself in the soft fur of a cat, the loving wag of

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Clinical Medical Assisting student makes big changes

by Nyla on December 5, 2013

Deana Bates started this year with two life-altering decisions: weight loss surgery and college. Her interest in helping others through a career in the medical field forced a realization. At 240-lbs. it was not practical for Deana to be “constantly moving around with patients,” performing the physical requirements of a position in healthcare. She also

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Flying is in this SJVC instructor’s blood

by Cale on November 28, 2013

Lionel Smith is far from ordinary. He is a man with a passion, and a career capable of turning that fiery interest into useful expertise in the minds of his students. It all began with the Navy, many years ago. A mere two days out of high school, Lionel enlisted. “I had never even touched

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Medical Office Administration student achieves for her family

by Nyla on November 14, 2013

At 31-years old, Sy Om had waited too long to go to college to let a little thing like giving birth to her fifth child slow her down. Soon after the delivery of her son, Athan, she was eager to get home. “The day I got home from the hospital she (Theresa Paserb, instructor) was

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No time for self-pity

by Nyla on October 17, 2013

Given the choice of rolling over or digging in when things get tough, Valerie Coe is going to grab a shovel. And it is that kind of tenacity that got her through some very difficult times over the last year. As a Nuclear Decontamination Technician, Valerie spent a lot of time on the road. It

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Family crisis nearly forces student to drop out

by Nyla on October 7, 2013

Andrea Evans knew it was going to be all uphill to succeed in her Respiratory Therapy program on the Temecula campus. At 38-years old she’d spent 20-years in the restaurant management business and with only a few post high school college classes in the distant past, confidence in her ability to be a good student

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Always a Work In Progress

by Rylee on August 15, 2013

From owning his own business to attending one of the highest ranked universities in the nation, Rancho Cucamonga alumni David Castain has made several significant leaps and bounds since graduating from the Business Administration program here at SJVC. David attended and recently graduated from Howard University, where he majored in Speech and Applied Methods and

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